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the lyin' in winter

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posted Friday, 7 March 2008
Now that they're decoupled it's turned into boys vs. girls in the BB house.  And more plotting, backstabbing, lying and distrusting than we've seen all season.
the lion in winter

Thursday night, BB gave them a new pool table, and unlike last year's hamsters with the giant croquet set, they all correctly figured out that their new toy would be a veto-factor.  I think everyone took a turn to practice.

big pool    practice    more pool

Of course most of them have been playing regular pool all along, but we all know what can happen when BB throws them a crapshoot comp.  It's anyone's game.

real pool

So, back in alliance-land, we have the seemingly strong bromance alliance of Ryan/Matt/Adam/James.  James even went so far as to offer up Chelsia as a nom.  Matt has attached himself to Ryan's hip ever since he won HOH.  But he seems to be wearing a bit thin on Ry.  For some reason Ryan seems most loyal to Adam.  Why Adam doesn't bug him, I'll never understand. Possibly it's the Smoker's Alliance.  It seems everyone is out of ciggies, except Adam.  They've all(?) gone on the patch this week, though I've seen at least James still puffing away (which I thought was not a good idea w/the patch).  And the best line came from Ryan, while reading the insert from the box of nicotine patches which tells about withdrawal symptoms and suggests how to break the habit, he says "it's like you're addicted to a drug or something."  Uh, no Ryan, it's not "like," it is.  Just happens to be a legal one.


patch-man    james

Meanwhile, the girls' alliance (formed, naturally, by Josh) is downstairs realizing they're in trouble.  They figure if the veto is used, one of them, most likely Josh or Sheila, will be the repl. nom.  Josh goes to Ryan with a 2-week safety deal and convinces him that Matty needs to be kicked.  Everyone says don't tell Nattie, she'll spill.  But, of course, they do, and she does.

josh leads the girls    ryan buys in

chatty nattie

They play the veto, it's Ryan/Sharon/Chelsia, of course, and Adam/Sheila/Josh get picked.  It was the super-sized pool game, and also some sort of prize thing.  Ryan got $10K, Josh got a letter from home, Sharon got a slop pass, Adam got a motorcycle, Sheila got BB8 Jen's unitard, and Chelsia got the veto.  Just like last year, there was some sort of exchange/steal opportunity and apparently at one point Sheila had the $10K.  She's pretty okay about the unitard, though everyone agrees it would have been hysterical for one of the guys to get it.

veto girl    unitard girl

Sharon's freaking, but Josh tells her to get in on the 2 week deal.  Ryan assures her she's all good, and Matt seems quite aware he's in trouble.  He jokes around with Ryan "don't put me up man" and it can't escape Matt's notice that Ryan won't give him a straight answer. 

freaking it's all good uh-oh

But Matt bounces back, gets his boy Adam, and they go revive the Bromance Alliance.  First, Ryan agrees that Josh is the problem and he'll go.  Then they switch to James, and Ryan agrees to that plan.  I'm starting to think Ryan's just going to go for whatever plan is being laid out in front of him at any given moment.  None of it matters until the veto is used and repl-nom is actually made (probably Sunday).  As always, we'll know when we know.



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