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shock and awe

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posted Saturday, 8 March 2008

Matt keeps declaring it the best plan ever in BB history.  I think he's giving himself a bit too much credit.  The original "6 finger"/backdoor plan from BB5 would have to top it.  And the "who's the bunny now, bitch?" Erika/Janelle team-up to kick Will from All-Stars was pretty good too.  But still, it's a pretty good plan.  Definitely high drama potential.


"The Plan" (Operation Tighty-Whitey) is to repl-nom/backdoor James when Chelsia vetoes herself.  Matt/Natalie/Adam/Sheila are in on it, with Josh/James/Chelsia, and technically Sharon out of the loop. I say technically b/c everyone seems to have completely forgotten that Sharon is a.) nominated and b.) still in the house.  So far no one's spilled (good job, Natalie!).  Josh is the most suspicious of Ryan's fidelity to their plan, though he's figuring if Ryan doesn't repl-nom Matt, it will be himself or Sheila...James hasn't occurred to him.


in    outies

Chelsia got a little nervous, and even suggested that she wouldn't use the veto if Ryan didn't promise to replace her with Matt.  She still doesn't know that James was in on the nom/pawn her plan.  That may be a good bomb to drop on her to get her to vote James out.  She had a little pow-wow with Ryan and came away feeling okay, though he never technically promised her anything.

 whose side    hands 

Everyone's playing their part.  Ryan's keeping quiet, Matt's playing scared/campaigning, Natalie's taking advantage of the situation to say that since Matt's leaving she wants to be with him as much as possible.  And Adam's playing dumb, yet assuring the other side that Ryan's still on the kick-Matt-kick.  The closest one to screwing up is Sheila, who isn't acting quite nervous enough about her own potential to go up. 

spyboy  natalie


So, if everyone manages to keep quiet, and everything goes as currently planned, we should have high drama after the veto meeting.  James/Chelsia will naturally be pissed, and Josh will go ballistic (probably not noticing that his ass just got spared).  Matt, who's been doing a reasonable job of playing nervous, will finally get to go Jersey on everyone.  Meanwhile, everyone will continue to forget about Sharon, and she may just coast to the end.

matt attack sharon

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