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posted Sunday, 9 March 2008

Ryan posed that question to Matt shortly before the POV ceremony.  And how.

We come back from flames to find a shocked Sharon sitting on the couch being comforted by Matty.  He's already in her ear about how if Josh doesn't vote for her...etc. etc.


James is comatose in the spa room.


Chelsia's out back, and Matt (who is moving faster than the speed of a feed switch) tries to chat her up.  She's fine, she's fine, she saw it coming, knew something was up, she's fine.  She starts laughing, it's all good, it's all a joke.  Uh-huh.  Ryan comes out and she tells him the same thing.  James comes out and tells Ryan it's all good.  Out of Chel's earshot James tells Ryan it's just that he's going to miss her, but that's what he gets for falling for someone in the BB house.

matty she's fine

Then Josh gets in on the action, pulls Chelsia aside and tells her that Natalie is spreading a story about her smelling bad "down there."  There's more to the story that involves Allison exchanging favors for votes.  Also, Ryan did say that Alli told him the same story.  But Chel starts laughing and runs into the house and asks Natalie if she wants a whiff.

smell1    smell2

The action moves to the kitchen and the Nat/Chels fight continues.  Chelsia starts in on all the things Matt has said about Natalie and how Nat's heart will be broken when she leaves the house and "sees the tapes."  Natalie proclaims that she and Matt had it all planned out to make it seem like they weren't on the same page so the others would tell her the kick-matt plan, which she could pass on to him.  And, hey, how's about that?  It worked!

chels natalie outsmarts them all

The fearsome foursome (or rather, threesome, as Sharon's no part of this) doesn't like that the "dumb girl" got the better of them, and James dumps a jar of pickle juice on Natalie.  Joshuah follows up with water.  Natalie asks "isn't that assault?"  And a number of them jump in saying, nope, Dick did it to Jen.  Nattie reacts much as Jen did.  Doesn't really get to her, she just laughs and goes and jumps in the shower.

Matt's the first one to say "that ain't right."  And then Joshy starts in on the personal attacks.  Natalie's been saying that God's on her side, and Josh retorts, "I didn't think God supported baby killers."  He follows Nattie into the bathroom and asks her what the bible says about abortion.  In the comeback of the day, Natalie asks him what the bible says about being gay.  She says, as she's said before, that she's not perfect, she's not without sin, but the bible says, don't judge and that all sins are equally bad (she may not know how many letters are in the alphabet, but the girl knows her Bible).  He brings up her schizophrenic mom and anything else nasty he can pull out.

matt mad josh

Josh continues with the attacks, and then someone (I think Chelsia, but w/the knowledge/support of James and Josh) hides Natalie's bible (apparently the pink and black one that Adam has been reading is Nat's so he's stuck with Sharon's "Precious Moments" one).  Josh is about to pour ketchup in Matt/Nat's bed (an abortion reference), but the DR calls him in PDQ and puts a stop to that.  One by one, they call most of them in and it seems give them all the message/reminder that hiding stuff is okay, but destroying is not.  Later on, Nattie comes back and hides Josh's Prada sunglasses.  Which he is soooo not cool with.

bible boys

Back in fight land, when Josh comes outside, Matt lays into him. Basically asks him what's wrong with him that he'd talk to a woman that way. A number of people retort that Matt's not exactly nice to Natalie.  He admits as much, says, yeah, he's an asshole, tells her she's annoying, go away, etc. etc.  He says game and trash talk is one thing, but as for personal attacks "that just ain't right."  He also asks what kind of mother would raise a son that would be so disrespectful to women.  Josh says nothing, but someone (Chelsia, I think) points out that in his letter from home, his mom said she was proud of him, and that was after the Amanda fight.  Matt says Josh's mom ought to be ashamed of what she's raised.

It escapes no one's notice that Josh will go there with the girls, but not the guys.  I mean, come on.  Ryan's HOH, Matt was obviously in on the big plan so why are James and Josh only going after Natalie?  Both Sharon and Sheila are not down with the personal attacks.  Sharon just thinks it's wrong (though she really ought to just keep quiet and let James hang himself).  Sheila's afraid she's next and doesn't want her son hearing her called "the c-word."  The mom card is big with Sheila.  She's a single mother of a son, so she's drawn to someone like Matt, who was raised by a single mother and appreciates her.

Later on, Matt takes Natalie aside and tells her if Josh keeps at her to ask him if his dad is proud of him (apparently his dad has issues with Josh being gay).  Natalie says no way; she's not stooping to his level.

James does take on Matt directly, calling him "the former coke dealer from Boston" and Matt responds "isn't that the teakettle calling the pot black?  Former ecstasy dealer from Sarasota." 


It's Big Brother and we've got 3 days of campaigning to go, so don't count James out yet.  But it's not looking good for him.  But whichever way it goes, we got drama, baby! 

 drama baby

And frankly, that was only the half of it.  Maybe tomorrow I'll even have time to talk about the show....

[Side note from mysti: I'm not big on bringing up things like abortions, schizophrenic or homophobic parents, criminal pasts and so on.  But they did all sign up for this, they told their stories, and it is a part of what's going on in the house.  So, there it is.] 

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