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there was something strange about the dog last night

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posted Monday, 10 March 2008

It's a little too quiet in the BB house right now.  It's quite possible that when ShowtimeTime hits things will light up again.  Or maybe tomorrow.  Or maybe they got it all out of their systems yesterday.

I'll take a moment to comment on the Sunday show.  Food comp: whatever.  At least we know why they all suddenly have matching bathing suits.  Stalker-Natalie: Old news.  And not quite right.  I'm really hoping to see them show some of Matt's defense of her, either from the original James/Chelsia/beer fight or from yesterday.  I'm sure we'll get pickle-juiced on Wednesday.  And at that point they'll pretty much have to include Matt's response.  If they leave that out, I'm calling foul.  Natalie's bible study on the Book of Joshua and Joshuah's HT prayer session was pretty funny. Nomination ceremony was predictable, though Ryan spoke well (as he did at the veto ceremony from what the HGs are saying).

There's a lot of laying around in the house.  The nominees seem confident that their fates are sealed.  James keeps saying he knows he's going and even though Sharon's nervousing just a bit, she does seem to believe she's staying.  But it's BB and there's still flip potential.

layin' around

james layin' around    sharon stressin'

sittin' around    ryan lyin' around


Two last little asides...a few minutes ago James asked if there was an Op. name for kicking-him (there was: Operation Tightie-Whitey).  Adam told him there wasn't.  But then they went on to discuss "Operation Crooked Eye," which was the kick-matty plan.  Here's my question:  what exactly is supposed to be wrong with Matt's eye?  I don't see it (no pun intended).  And, seriously?  Adam is talking about someone's eyes being weird?

matt    adam

Secondly, Natalie just told Matt that's she's mad at him about something he didn't tell her/lied to her about.  He wanted to know what it was, claimed he's never lied to her (which, come on, is a lie).  She said she'd tell him later.  Argh. I don't care about Matt having to wait...but I want to know what it is!!

Update:  Apparently Nattie found out about Matt kissing Sharon, and they had a deal that flirting was okay, but no kissing (or at least they'd tell each other if they did that).  She says she's mad that he lied to her, and that she was in the DR saying "oh, I'm sure he's not doing that" and now looks like an idiot.  Wait until she sees the edit CBS is giving her.  It will probably come to nothing, but could be a good fight.  And it's unlikely to affect the votes, but I'd bet money they'll edit it to make it seem like Natalie would consider kicking Sharon.


nat    shar

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