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like a gymnast on speed

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posted Tuesday, 11 March 2008

These people are flipping more than any gymnast I've ever seen.  I can't keep straight how they've flipped and flopped all week....I'm not even sure I can keep track of where they've gone today.

But first (©Julie), the show.  Even though it was a rather slanted edit, and a lot was left out, it was pretty entertaining.  The veto comp. was boring for those of us who knew the outcome.  And the excitement building up to the veto ceremony was nothing compared the excitement we saw on the feeds leading up to it.  I am looking forward to how they're going to cover the aftermath on tomorrow's show.  One thing I'll say for the edit, they made Matt and Josh both look pretty stupid.  And they finally showed Natalie in a slightly better light by showing Matty promising to be nice to her and telling her to "pretend" to be mad at him.  Ryan basically looks like the brains of the house (though that's not saying much).  And I had to wonder if his deal with Josh was why he didn't want to b-d him and went with James.  I love that Sheila thinks she's the "mastermind."  Ryan/Matt/Adam were all over the b-d James plan long before she got in on that.

Anyway, back in the house.  I tuned in this afternoon to hear Natalie making a deal to keep James b/c she's so mad at Sharon/Matt for the whole kissy-gate thing.  Are you freaking kidding me?!  You're going to kick someone over that and keep someone who threw pickles on you?  Insulted you, your family and your religion?  Are you a moron?!

james    crazy nattie

Next thing we know, Natalie's got Sheila saying she'll keep James too.  "Done deal," Sheila keeps saying.  They tell Josh, rumour (being spread by James) is that Adam is on board too.  So, that leaves Matt (and Ryan, but they all seem to have forgotten about him) out in the cold.  And, of course, poor unsuspecting Sharon.

she    josh

poor sharon

Somehow (I missed exactly how) Matt and Adam get wind of this and tag team Natalie.  Adam goes first asking her if she's stupid.  She tells him she heard he was voting to keep James, and she doesn't want to be voting "the wrong way."  He tells her he's not, but of course James would say that.  Then Matt comes along and they have it out about kissy-gate. By the end of that, Nat's back on the kick-James-kick.  And someone has to go tell Sheila that she is changing her (master)mind again too.

another fight over

James and Matt end up outside playing pool and James calls Matt stupid (literally).  A bit later Ryan/Adam/Nat/Sheila are up in HOH and James comes in to plead his case. He says he'll throw HOH and he wants whoever wins to nom him and Matt so they can face off.  He's making an animated, if not completely logical, argument.  Matt pops in and hears the plan (he's supposed to agree also to throw HOH) and says that would be stupid.

pool cuestoo-pid

Finally Adam loses it.  He goes off on how he's tired of all these promises and lies and campaigning.  Just everyone drop it.  They know all the arguments, they'll all vote however is best for them and they can stop talking about it.  After James leaves everyone agrees they're back on the kick-James-kick.  But they're going to keep telling him that he's staying to mess with him.  Or something.  We'll know when we know.

a bawler what big eyes you have

Meanwhile, they're on overnight lockdown, which is pretty much a guarantee that tomorrow's HOH is endurance.  Depending on exactly what kind of endurance it is that could be good any number of them.  It probably is both Matt and Natalie's best chance to win HOH.  I'm rooting for Nat again.  Matt's pretty much been co-HOH this week, and it would be nice to see her get some power.  Of course, she'll have to fight to keep it away from him.  Also, we'll have our rerun-hamster back tomorrow.  I'm still hoping for Alex or Amanda...but...we'll know when we know.

hamster revival aa

Matt dubbed Sharon "the most boring girl in America" and James picked right up on that.  But now they're all competing in the "Who can be the Dullest?" comp.  James/Chelsia are cuddling; Josh is reading his letter for the 10,000th time; Adam, Matt and Ryan are having vacation bible school; Sheila and Sharon are having the most boring conversation ever (something about Jacob and car accidents and cheating on Sharon....sounds like it should be interesting, right?  It's not.)  And Natalie's in the sauna praying that she can help James find God.  The good news is this means we can all get rested for tomorrow night.

cuddlebuds    letterboy    bible school   

nat prays    snore


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