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D-U-N, done

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posted Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Not a tremendously exciting liveshow.  The eviction was a done deal, and BB didn't even bother showing us the one moment of Sharon-panic yesterday. 


Julie's live questions and their answers were not so bad.  Usually it seems like neither Julie nor the HGs are ready for the questions (and they always seem to have trouble hearing her).  Chelsia's speeches had some of the nastiness they often threaten.  And I wonder what she really whispered to Joshuah on her way out the door.  Her parting comments were not appreciated by Natalie, Sheila and Adam.  Esp. Sheila who has been comforting herself with the thought that her son won't see the real nasty stuff b/c he's not allowed to watch the livefeeds, and CBS keeps it off the show.  But then Chelsia takes advantage of the liveshow.... I'm guessing her son can take it.  When your mom's a former centerfold and goes on a reality show, you're going to hear about it.

I'm glad they showed Chelsia's meltdown and egg smash.  To be totally fair, they should have shown that Natalie wasn't the only one who put a lot of work into those eggs.  But nonetheless at least they didn't hide the tirade the way they hid the sexcapades.  And with her tearful chat with Julie (and a wise comment about watching the show before deciding on a future with James), Chelsia is D-U-N, done. 

menage a trois

I thought Sheila might have the HOH wrapped, as she seems the most in tune with what America's thinking (she was the only one to think Alex was in the box).  Then again, we don't know that BB really used our votes.  But it's Queen Natalie for the week.  So, Josh and James are ready to hop up on the block.  Nattie's moved on from crazy 8s to sensational 7s.  So after weeks of predicting it, she finally had her HOH dream come true.

queen nattie

A last minute LotD winner goes to Ryan....they're talking about Chelsia's parting words and whether BB cut her mic.  Ryan says "she didn't say anything bad.  She can say 'spineless' she can say 'rode hard'...she can say 'educated.'"

You never know..."educated" may be a dirty word in some circles.  


Natalie gets her HOH room (no perp walk on the feeds again....darn).  She got a letter from her sister and one from her dad.  The one from dad brought tears to a lot of eyes when he says that she's bringing her family closer together...her parents haven't spoken in years and now they're talking and both supporting her.  Awww...

hoh  adam nattie's letter sheila

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