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it's so not right

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posted Friday, 28 March 2008

That line was actually Sheila's comment on slop, but it applies to a lot in this game.  I'n not sure if Sharon was crying over slop or something else really doesn't matter.

slop tears

I have 2 days to cover, so I'll try to hit the highlights.  They played a food comp. and somehow everyone  but Adam (and HOH Natalie) ended up on slop.  There was a big blow up when James overheard Sheila (and others, but he seemed to focus on her) telling Josh to play for the veto and don't give up. Apparently she gave the same pep talk to James.  So he went off on her, sending her to the DR in tears, and then back out doing a "put me up, I wanna go home" routine.

she what?

Next thing we know Sheila is cuddling up to Sharon and telling hear about the "silent but deadly" rep she has.  She makes it sound like she was just an innocent little bystander while the rest of them were talking trash.  Sharon breaks down and starts crying.  She thought everyone just loved her.

new buds

Then they played the POV.  Veto King James II won.  Natalie told Sharon that she was going to have to go up and be a perpetual pawn.


But little does she know....apparently Nattie made a back room deal with James and Joshuah.  The plan for James to veto himself, Sharon goes up, everyone says Josh is going but in the end Ryan and James vote to kick Sharon.

the new deal

There's lots of whispering and conspiring and plotting going on.  Everyone thinks they know, but they have no idea.  Which is all good for us.

what's up?

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