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on to a better place

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posted Saturday, 29 March 2008

During All-Stars, when people would get upset about evictions, Will would say "it's not like they're dead!"  So's just a game.

Tonight as Sheila and Natalie are sitting around talking about "I miss so-and-so," Sheila says "Matty has gone on to a better place."  It sounded exactly like someone being comforting  when a loved one has died.  Sheila was really talking about how it was worse in the house having to deal with the abuse from James, Joshuah, etc. than being in sequester and just hanging out by a pool somewhere.  Of course, she wasn't thinking about the fact that Chelsia, one of the worst offenders of the abusing, is hanging out in sequester now.

sheila's obit nat checks the book

The Plan seems to have changed again.  Now, it's GrrlPower, kick-Joshy.  Adam and Ryan are in on it too, everyone but James/Josh knows.  Ryan's not fighting too hard at the moment for his secret-buddy.  Maybe he figures, as I do, that it will flip 15 more times before Wednesday, so there's no use fighting will just make them suspicious anyway.

shar                josh

ry-guy james-eyes

Big Brother seems to be preparing for some sort of April Fool's segment.  There have been ghost faces in the mirrors, rats in the refrigerator, faucets spraying, etc. etc.  Joshuah and Sheila seem to have won the most wrong place/wrong time prizes.  On top of what BB's up to, they're pranking each other...or rather the rest of them are pranking Sheila.  There was something involving a tampon, and they've switched her mattress with Adam's, which is apparently a lot less comfortable.  And Adam mocks the sloppers by eating right under their noses.

mousey    gotcha    double cheeseburger

Update:  Earlier George and Skippy appeared on the living room TV with a shot of them in the DR.  A few minutes ago we went to flames and when we came back, they were talking about the furr-ends being behind the pranks.  The hamsters think it's over....I'm not so sure.

george and skippy rule the house

For those who enjoy such things, some caps of Natalie in her bath....with strategically placed bubbles.

climbing in    sittin' down    resting

And for those who enjoy other types of interesting shots, an unusual angle of the living room.


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