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natalie's rules of order

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posted Sunday, 30 March 2008

She's working on owning them all....

workin' it

A few days ago James commented that he likes it when a girl wears a bandanna covering her head:


I've been getting the feeling for a while now that Adam is totally in to her.  Tonight they spent a long time together reading the BB rules:


Sheila has, of course, loved Nat ever since her (Sheila's) other "girlfriend" Allison left.  And Sheila had an affection for Matt that has transferred to Nattie.

luv ya

Natalie's been making deals left and right, telling everyone that if goes this way or that way it proves that they can't trust [anyone other than her].  It's so unclear at this point what the plan is that I'm not even going to bother trying to figure it out.  But whoever stays may "owe" her, and if she plays it perfectly, the one who goes may not even blame her.

sharon joshuah

That just leaves Ryan, and she's been taking care of him in a way too.  They're definitely in an alliance, and she's been like a friend/sister.

grooming Ryan

Don't get me wrong, she's far from having them all wrapped around her little fingers, but she's playing a pretty good game.  The fact is they all are.  It's proving to be a very interesting season in the BB house.

In other news, the reason they're reading the rules is b/c Josh threatened to eat.  He had some idea about how it would make him a better option to stay b/c he'd have a penalty nom next week.  Geez, "Jen" (BB8) that plan sounds familiar.  It was dumb the first time, but at least it was original.  As far as I know, he didn't follow through on the threat, and I'm hoping he doesn't.  We've been there, watched that.

don't do it josh

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