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all you have to do is dream

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posted Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Natalie had a dream that Adam won HOH...and it came true.  She keeps rattling off her various dreams and signs that have turned into something.  Of course, she conveniently overlooks dreams that haven't come true.  And in numerology, she's now saying "it's week 9, eviction is April 9 so James's 9 lives are up this week."  We'll see.

Maybe Natalie will win the game, and then at the finale they'll tell her it was all a dream. 

big dreams

Most likely, Adam will nom James and Sharon.  They both pretty much know this, and they're used to it at this point.  James feels sorry for himself for a minute, tells Adam to just do what he has to do, and tells them all that he'll probably win POV...unless Natalie's 9-lives theory is right (his words). Sharon unpacks.  It's something to do.  Then she beats herself up for getting the HOH question about the one thing she knew for sure wrong (she knew the windows, guessed on the rest).

james    unpacking    poor sharon

The show has been pretty bad lately with the slanted editing.  I swear James must have dirty pictures of the producers or something.  And they never did anything with the "George and Skippy punk the hamsters" storyline.  And for all they showed us of Josh dancing and prancing, they didn't give us anything from the day he put on the red unitard.

dancing queen

He handled his eviction well.  His speeches and Julie interview were coherent, which is more that you can say for a lot of BB HGs on liveshows over the years. 

I didn't do a very good job of keeping up with the flips and the flops last week.  BB must have been getting bored with them too b/c they got crafts and games.  It was all taken back tonight, though.  As Julie says "please reset"...time for a new week, hopefully with new fun and drama.

nattie paints james crafts



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