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posted Thursday, 3 April 2008

James definitely must have something on the BB producers. They just bought him a pass off the block, and he's talking as if he's already won the POV.  If he does, I may just call foul.  4 weeks in a row?  Come on.  And a few minutes ago he informed Sharon that he's "going to win HOH next week."  If he wins both I'm really calling foul.

king     sharon    james

So, back to our storyline.  It wasn't as sure a thing as last week, but it seemed likely that James/Sharon would go on the block.  Maybe James/Sheila, but definitely James, right?  By this afternoon, Adam was thinking not James.  His logic was that if he nom'ed James and the Veto King got the POV and took himself off he'd be super pissed at Adam.  If he didn't nom James, and James won the veto, they'd be good, and if anyone else wins the veto, James can go up and out.  There's only one flaw in that logic, which Natalie and Ryan were quick to point out.  If James wins the veto and isn't nom'ed, he can veto Sharon and Adam will have to put up Nat or Ryan.  And Sharon and James will be 2 of the 3 votes, so they get to decide who goes.

nattie    adam    ry-guy

For someone who's supposed to be so smart and good with numbers and all, this is the second HOH week where it has appeared that Adam can't count.  Now, it's possible that Sheila is his real target.  During his last HOH he did say (in the DR where he had no reason to lie) that he was thinking about nom'ing her.  And it occurs to me that if someone doesn't kick Sheila at some point soon, she could very well win the whole enchilada.

sheila    adam

James stops by HOH for his turn and makes the same argument he has made all along, which basically boils down to he doesn't want to be evicted.  As if everyone else does?  He keeps saying he's never done anything against Adam, which may be basically true, but still Adam was not part of the Fearsome Foursome, and if it had been up to them, they would have kicked him and fast as he kicked them. Next thing we know James is in tears, (a la Joshuah and the pizza, perhaps?) and Adam is comforting him.  At least he didn't wipe snot from James's nose.  They make a deal: Adam won't nom James, if James promises not to use the veto if he wins it.

james cries

The trivia time comes and goes and we come back to find that Sheila and Sharon are nom'ed. Ryan, Nat and Sheila are ticked, big time.  Ryan takes a run at Adam and throws a string of f*cks with a few other words interspersed at him ("fuck dude, what the fuck were you fucking thinking not fucking putting that fucking kid fucking on the fucking block??!!")  That's about when Adam starts saying he made a mistake, and the DR wouldn't let him out to talk to Ryan/Natalie before noms.  Every time he mentios DR we get flames, which adds a bit of credence to the claims.  He could be full of it, and just trying to get back in good with his alliance, but I think that ship has sailed.  And after several mentions of "the DR made me do it" Adam gets called in.  They must have given him some more kool-aid, or a reminder of the rules, b/c he came out feeling better about throwing his alliance under the bus.

ry's pissed    adam doubts

If the DR was behind it, I have to give them credit, they brought the drama.  If it had gone James/Sharon nom'ed and James kicked, or Sharon kicked if James POVed, it would have been real dull, real fast.  Now, no matter what happens, the drama is awwwn.  Even if James or Sharon ends up leaving, there will be a new split in the house.  And if Sheila/Nat/Ryan ends up going, well, it's really game on.  Best case for us is actually Sharon going.  She's the least interesting in there, and at some point you do have to sacrifice the pawn.

it's awwn    The Pawn

On the upside, as I've been predicting all along, final 6 POV may be morphomatic, which could be Natalie's game.  And if James does get it, and holds to his deal with Adam, that could be okay too.  If we lose one of Ryan/Sheila/Natalie, and we're left with Adam/James/Sharon....ugh. 

Sheila and Natalie dig into the largest Ben & Jerry's carton I've ever seen, and Nattie notices it says "size matters."  She says that's another sign from God and says that's Adam's problem...says she's going to ask him "where are your kiwis, did you eat them or something?"  Sheila says Chelsia was right (about Adam anyway...she's not ready to concede the rode hard thing....).


There's been some talk about how if James wins his 4th POV in a row, it will be a BB record.  There's a sense that BB wants to see that.  Natalie says she'll DOR if they set it up for him to win.  They yell that why should the person who calls everyone nasty names, disrespects someone old enough to be his mother, and throws pickles on people should win.  It's the season of love.  Well, BB loves James. 


Oh, and they played a food comp. and some slipped on to the feeds.  And they got the grill.

food comp    grillin'

Line(s) of the Day:

Natalie: As soon as I got out of the DR, then they called you in.  Manipulators in this place! All of them...even the staff!

BB: Houseguests, you are not allowed to discuss your diary room sessions...

Natalie: Yeah? Well, zippity-do-dah! 


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