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tomorrow is another day

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posted Friday, 4 April 2008

They played the veto comp. and apparently it was something like the infamous dolly-gate comp. from AllStars, with the BB8 bunny-hop rain machine thrown in.  And they were diving for numbers to answer questions of "on what day did such-and-such happen?"

Ryan won.


Wait?  Ryan?  Doesn't that sound more like Adam's comp?  None of them have been Jedi drilling that sort of thing, at least out loud.  Regardless, Ryan won, James didn't get his record.  Well, zippity-doo-dah (©Natalie).


Oh, and before the comp. Natalie said she had a dream that she won. Guess that was one that didn't come true.


It's not been confirmed, but it's likely that Ryan will veto Sheila, James will go up and out.  Adam's "oh no, I fucked up"s of last night have turned into "I did the right thing, I knew it would work out."  He thinks he's on James's better side now, thinking jury votes.  That may be, but he's ticked off Nat/Sheila/Ryan, so unless he thinks James will bring along the rest of the Fearsome Foursome, it probably wasn't worth it.

sharon sheila

Tonight I heard Ryan buddy up to Sharon and it seems she's taken Joshuah's slot in his secret alliance.  He's in good with literally everyone, they all seem to agree he can't win, making him ideal to take to the end.  The only problem is that Sharon and Sheila are also strong second place contenders.  So, assuming James leaves this week, if neither Adam nor Natalie makes it to the end, it's going to be the contest of who's less of floater? at the end. >sigh<


Nothing exciting has gone down yet.  They sat down to another "family dinner" tonight.  Sheila cooked, and all the kids were bratty and refused to even set the table.  The camera zoomed in on Natalie's 2 glasses of wine. But I don't think there's enough alcohol in there to get us any real drama.



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