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methinks the lady doth protest too much

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posted Saturday, 5 April 2008

It's been another dull, dull day in the BB house.  They got the "outdoor toys" that they won in the food comp.  Golf set, remote control car, etc.  The car broke within minutes, and the golf set got some of them parannoying that they were going to have a golf comp.  Also included was some sort of truth or consequences cards (not sure what was 'outdoors' about that), which at least got some of them having some new conversations.

golf moto-car

truth or

Adam and Ryan continued to harangue Natalie about her undercover antics with Matt.  She continued to deny, deny, deny.  At this point she moved on from simple denial to anger.  Now she's saying she's so over him, can't believe he lied about her, blah blah blah.  But when asked to swear on the Bible that she didn't do it, she said she doesn't do that (despite, as was pointed out, she already has), and she started searching the Bible for the passage that says "don't swear on the Bible." At this rate, if she makes final 2 this topic might make it into the jury questions (won't make TV, but still).  Adam even re-enacted Matt's thumbs up to the camera.

thumbs up, matty  nattie says no

Ryan has some sort of neck injury, and isn't supposed to engage in any "physical activity" for the next 48 hours.  Maybe they'll wheel him out on a cot for the POV meeting tomorrow.  Natalie suggested a group bubble bath with herself, Adam and Ryan.  Ryan declined, neck injury, plus he knows his g/f is watching.  He also said no way they'd all fit (apparently he missed all the previous seasons bath buddies).  I continue to think that Adam is way into Natalie, but he doesn't seem to quite want to do anything about it.

ry-injury    nadam

Tomorrow that veto behind James will probably seal his fate. I'd love to make a comment about James playing with fire, but truthfully, he's not doing much of anything.  Yet.

james and his non-veto    firegame

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