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equal opportunity parannoying

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posted Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The conspiracy theories in the house are pretty good...but we can come up with them out here, too. With Jerry's help, Dan made a shirt with a number 20 on it today. He told them all it was in honor of his twenty month-iversary with his g/f. I did find it a little odd to celebrate such a random number of months...6, 18, I could see, but 20? But I bought it, and thought it was kind of cute.


But there are those who are saying that it's really an inside joke with us about the $20K he's now earned for his tooling. He does have all 3 tasks down...ToolEric's eviction task was often worded as "who do you want Eric to get evicted?" meaning he only got credit if the target was kicked. But ToolDan's task was worded as "who do you want Dan to vote to evict?" It's sort of like the time Eric got credit for "trying" to get someone nominated. Supposedly Dan smirked at the camera, pointed at the 20, and then went to play chess with Jessie...which is being used as evidence that he's been Tool-Tasked to vote out Jessie. I didn't see the smirk thing, and it sounds a little far-fetched (and cocky) to me....but could be. I did hear April ask if they celebrated every month, and he said yes...again, could be. Maybe he'll have another hammock talk with us later.

april checkmate?

In other news, they are on Craig Ferguson again tonight. Apparently the validity of the earthquake was discussed, and when the audience laughed at them the HGs went into parannoying mode. They also spotted the moon in the daylight...I'm surprised they didn't start calling that a BB prank.


The voting plans haven't changed. It's still Keesha/Renny/Libra to kick-Jessie, and Ollie/Jerry/Michelle to kick-Memphis. Both sides think they have Dan, but both sides are also a little wary. So, it's a big game of Dan in the Middle. He's feeling pretty safe himeself, and during hammock time last night said he was thinking of throwing HOH again this week. I think he knows that after tomorrow (assuming we did vote to kick Jessie {please}) he'll need to watch out for the JOMA alliance. Whatever happens, it's gonna get excitin' on the liveshow tomorrow!

renny keesha libra


ollie jerry michelle

[Ha, I just noticed that O/J/M are all "red shirts"....]

Jessie pulled out the green unitard, in support of Michelle. They compared asses (April judged Michelle the winner, which royally pissed off Jessie), and skipped through the house. April decided to start reading the Bible...but I think it was more about snooping in Dan's stuff than finding God. Oh, and it's Libra's birthday. Still no recycled party decorations. I'm actually a little disappointed, I was sort of starting to enjoy the humour of the lameness. But BB did make them sing For [She's] a Jolly Good "Fellow" to save them from further royalty penalties, I guess.

the ass alliance skippies bible girl

I don't think Skippy the camera operator is terribly fond of Libra. I had a hard time finding a birthday cap for her...almost every shot seemed to either be of her back or just terribly unflattering. Skippy doesn't seem to be a huge fan of Memphis either. On the other hand, Keesha and Dan are quite the Skippy faves. I do try to be nice to people on their birthday.

birthday girl

P.S. OMG! Craig Ferguson just read a viewer email saying he should ask AprOllie about "the free porn show." Julie wanted to poll the audience as to whether they should ask, and risk putting an end to the action...once Craig heard that he put the kaibosh on that. He did joke with them that the earthquake was faked, but they're still pretty split on what's true. And this apparently really is going to be a weekly event.

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