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jessie's big surprise

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posted Wednesday, 6 August 2008

And it is GAME ON!

Buh-bye Jessie....but first, how we got here....

Oh, who cares how we got sum up: they made a big deal of how Dan was the swing vote and the HGs thought he had all the power, when in fact "he has none."  Cute little segment with Coach Dan's football players, his sister (who was gorgeous, btw), and his mom.  Mom said she thinks Dan might have made a mistake by accepting the Tool role; sis said no way, he's got enough game to survive it.  Mom's right on the surface, but the fact is, he was in trouble either way.  At least by Tooling he gave us some entertainment and if nothing else, earned himself $20K.

The votes were cast, and as expected, it was a 3-3 split.  Dan cast "our" vote, to evict Jessie (yay).  The immediate shock wasn't as dramatic as we would have hoped, but it was there.  "Your word, your word" were Jessie's parting words to Dan....tune into to the Early Show tomorrow to see what Jessie says when Julie tells him what really happened.

Out to HOH, true/false about the wake up calls they got throughout last night.  Jessie had told Michelle they needed to listen...and she did...and won HOH.  She said she "deserved it" after this week with the unitard and Jessie getting kicked and all.  But, no one deserves [anything] on a reality show (©me). 

The HGs are going to get to play with dearly departed hamsters (one from each season) in the food comp.  Pictures were flashed and here's what I caught: 

  • BB1 Chicken George
  • BB2 Bunky (?)
  • BB3 Amy
  • BB4 Jun
  • BB5 Jase
  • BB6 Janelle
  • BB7 Mike Boogie (?)
  • BB8 Jen
  • BB9 Matt
  • BB10 Brian

With 4 of the first 6 being AllStars, I'm not sure if I missed someone or what.  And who's to say the pics they flashed are the ones showing up?  Here's hoping, though.  Any show Janelle shows up for is one worth watching. [Update: After the comp. the HGs definitely talked about Boogie being there, but I also heard Bunky mentioned, so I'm thinking Bunky was the BB2 rep. and Boogie the BB7.]

So, back in the house, and it has hit!  The explosions we've been waiting for.  We got a few minutes of video with theme music still playing, which was so frustraaaating (©BB8Daniele).  And then an extremely amusing few minutes of the all feeds in the bedroom where Keesha and Libra were changing...and in the background all we could hear was SCREAMING!  I'm sure most of it's being saved for the show.  Some of it was pretty nasty. 

Dan's hiding under a pillow in the '80s room.  Libra/Keesha/Renny/Memphis all come in and check on him.  Libra tells him not to worry, she's the one they want.  Keesha/Renny get a 'thanks for your concern, but I want to be alone for a bit.'  Memphis gets the most honesty with "I'm layin' low and if anyone asks, just tell people I'm embarrassed." At one point he gives a little smirk/wink to the camera.

Libra hops into one of the eviction chairs, saying she'd better get used to it.  I'm thinking her strategy is to talk about how sure she is she's going, that maybe they'll keep her.  She keeps telling everyone else how safe they are because she's such a target.  If she actually does end up on the block, we'll see how peace-and-love she is. 

No way to pick a line of the day, so here are some highlights of The Explosion. 

Libra: Yeah I didn't say nothin' about me keepin' no Jessie upstairs...I was the person who said hell-to-the-fuckin'-no! 
Memphis: Why are we doing this?  
Keesha: Yeah, until you sat right there April and said 'Keesha better not be around Memphis, or I'll put her ass up so fast, don't think I won't.'
April: Who said I said that?  
Renny: Everybody talks behind everybody's back in this game.  
Michelle: Think about this in in my stupid outfit and how I put you out of this fuckin' house.  
Libra (about Jerry): Oh he needs to give me a fuckin' break.  Everybody talkin' behind his back, hates his ass, and he's up there howdy-doody.  
Michelle (to Memphis): I wish Jessie was here right now.
Memphis:  <pause> I know, but...our alliance sucks.   
Ollie: Where'd Dan go?
Michelle: Burnin'.  Probably burning right now. 
April: He prolly went to pray.
Jerry: He needs to be praying. 
Memphis:  Oh, no, whoa.  That's uncalled for.
Jerry (to Libra): Dummy!
Libra: I'm not fuckin' dumb.  Last time I checked I graduated from Rice-fucking-University.
Jerry: Yeah.  With low honors. 
Libra: laude cum laude magna--magna cum laude!  Look it up!  
Dan (to Aprollie/Mich/Jerry):  I understand why you all are mad at me.
Jerry: Get outta here...don't even you're some good kid.  
Ollie (to Libra): Shut up, dumb 'ho. 
Michelle: Is Monica real?
Dan: <mumble>
Michelle: Are you really a schoolteacher?
Dan: Yeah.
Michelle: Why'd you do it, man, why? 
Dan: I'm a weak player.  I'm embarrassed.  
Memphis (about the slop pass): I had it in my bag, I was going to sell it on eBay.  It's so Bojangles.  
Keesha: That ugly Barbie Bitch up there.
Libra: I wonder why they (DR) haven't called me yet.
Renny: Saving the best for last.
Libra: Yeah, 'cause I'm gonna be like "ok, the preacher's son called me a 'ho and a scallywag."

It's a little hard to say what Michelle will do.  Good chance that Libra is The Target.  But who knows if Michelle will go for the backdoor plan or what. And without Jessie the Body for JBT to whisper plans to, we may not know for sure until it all goes down.  Memphis is still right in her ear, whether she's listening or not.  He would love to see her put up Aprollie, but that's unlikely. As always, we'll know when we know.

There's too much going on for me to get the caps in the right here's a collage of the night...


hula dance kiss my....


aprollie walkin in memphis col. nasty


dan renny

libra keesha

HOH perp walk was behind the the time they swam off everyone was one big happy family in HOH, listening to Michelle's letter.  Jerry stood around with arms crossed like a security guard or something.  Renny was the first out of the room, and downstairs to cry on her bed...I'm not sure why, but my guess is she's missing her own family and the letter got to her.

happy family letter

keedan sad

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