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posted Friday, 8 August 2008

After a night of chaos, it was a quiet morning in the BB10 house.  Too quiet.


There was an uncomfortable awkwardness all around this morning.  The fishies and trivia came early for the food comp.  When they cleared away hours later, the current HGs were chatting about the formers who had come to visit.  The comp was apparently something to do with betting on whether alleged news stories were true.  Once and for all, they know the earthquake was real.  It sounds like another question had to do with the Paris Hilton/John McCain commercial.  It seems like the house didn't do so well.  They're on slop quite a bit, though they did get a surf & turf feast, and I think someone said they won the BBQ...or it might have been that they had the chance and didn't win it.


No suspense really over noms.  Libra and Keesha.  Dan's key was last (again!) so he's pretty damn sure that he's the repl-nom if the POV is used. 

keesha libra

So, Dan-O trots up to HOH, Michelle makes a sarcastic comment about "oh, you didn't want your new alliance to see you giving me a hug, eh?"  He says, oh no.  They have a little chat where she tells him if he wins the POV, she hopes he won't use it, to prove himself to her.  She probes again as to why he voted as he did.  I was sitting here, yelling at the monitor for him to tell her he did it for was a tough choice, but blah blah blah.  Apparently he can't hear me, but he eventually says that he was all for keeping Jessie until April basically threatened him.  He came right and said that voting "against the HOH's wishes" was his way to "stick it to her."  Good answer! (Better than mine, because it makes sense and it plants a seed with Michelle against April.)

mich dan-o

Next, Renny comes in and says "that bitch [April] has got to go." 

go renny!

Jerry was actually first up to HOH and he was still all about Dan.  Jerry's started calling Dan "Judas" and continues to talk about him burning in hell, etc. etc.  He made a big deal out of confronting Dan about hiding behind his religion, and then going back on his word.  And then Dan pointed out that he's not wearing his cross anymore.  Jerry's all like "that's bullshit" etc. etc.  Apparently, it's okay for Jerry to take off all his Marine gear to backstab Brian, but it's not okay for Dan to take off his cross to vote out Zippy the Pinhead.


Michelle requested an audience with Keesha, and told her that she was the safe nom to ensure that Libra goes home.  Apparently Libra told Michelle that she had in fact referred to JBT as the two-headed snake, and she got Jessie evicted, and had one snake left.  Michelle said when she heard that she said "hissss" in her head.  Keesha says her alliance is DOA at this point.  If Keesha wins POV, Dan's the repl-nom...and Michelle still hopes Libra will be kicked.  If Libra wins POV...they have a problem.  Renny's already planting more kick-April seeds, but none of it matters until after POV.

lecture student

I tried to watch HCs today to see Jessie's reaction to knowing that America voted him out.  It was fun for about 5 seconds, but then I couldn't take listening to him anymore. 

I think the 2 highlights of what I did manage to get through were Gretchen trying to get Jessie to admit that he's arrogant...which he was too arrogant to do; and Dick taking jabs at him for America hating him.  Jessie tried to claim that everyone who voted in the Tool Task votes were friends and relatives of Memphis and Libra.  Dick practically laughed in his face.  It's easy from where he's sitting, as someone who won in part b/c America loved him and made ToolEric help him,  but he also happens to be right. And one caller made an excellent point about all of Dan's promises: technically, he didn't break any promise: he didn't vote to evict anyone, we did. It's a loophole for sure, but hey, it's BB.

dick jessie

In the house, I can't listen to Jerry or Aprollie...and fortunately the 3 of them are usually together, so if they are on a feed, I can just listen to something else.  None of them were ever anywhere near the top of my list...but Jerry plummeted big time in the last 24 hours.  Not because he was yelling and fighting (that's just good drama) but because he made it nasty and personal.   April's been Super Bitch Barbie all along.  Ollie gets worse when he's under her, uh, thumb....which is most of the time.  And he really hit some low points last night.

ollie april

I don't know about the whole missing cross thing, but it is gone for the first time in 5 weeks, and if he took it off just b/c of this vote, or was wearing it just to create a persona...I don't particularly like that.  And I don't know about Jessie's whole "he doesn't even go to church on Sunday"...but hey, he's a post-Vatican II Catholic, he very well could go to Saturday evening mass...and, besides, Jessie's an idiot.   But what I do know is that Dan is the one and only person in there who hasn't gone to the nasty or personal attacks with anyone.  And we know he really is a coach/teacher, and though I was starting to wonder about the conspiracy theories about the g/f esp. when she didn't appear in the CBS package...but, I do think the 20 was for the month-iversary (he said in pre-show interviews they'd been together 18 months)...and yes, Monica is real....


I think Michelle is delusional about the banner.  She knows as well as anyone that they made it up, but yet she's told the story so many times that I think she might be starting to believe it.  At this point she's claiming it said "Keesha, Libra is a liar. Love, Steven."  And Keesha's starting to buy it.  Even coming up with "supporting evidence" about how Steven was going to go hang with Keesha's b/f after getting kicked.


Lines of the Day 

(Maybe not the best lines of the day, but lines I'm going with.)

Dan: I know Jerry is telling everyone that there was an alliance of me, him, April and Ollie.  And that's totally false.... but he's in an alliance with Julie Chen, so whatever. 


(earlier in the day) Jerry: Dan had the nerve to say goodnight to me last night.
Dan: I'm going to say goodnight to him again...and I'm sure...crickets.
Renny: Why you gonna do that?
Dan: Because.  It's what I've done for the last 30 days.  Why would I change now?
Renny: You're a better man than I am.  He can kiss my....

best man

(I thought I was the only female who used the "you're a better man" line...) 

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