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who do you think you are, old man?

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posted Friday, 8 August 2008

Jerry is now a full-fledged member of the Delusional Divas alliance. He's definitely got a misconception of who he is in the game, convinced that the whole world out here is so impressed with him being 75 years old and floating through the BB game. Michelle is getting honorary status at the moment. In addition to her delusions about the banner, she's been relating certain conversations that I'm pretty sure never happened. But she's only getting honorary status for now, because I can't quite tell if she's really deluded, or if she's playing them all. But the King and Queen of the DelDivas remains Aprollie. Convinced that they have "tons of fans" and that the whole world doesn't know about their porn shows.

jer mich ollie

Jerry's still on the hate-Dan rampage. He's started calling him Judas, and even wants that to get back to Dan (though he's not quite willing to say it to his face). He's also called him a motherf***ing c**ksucker, and other nasty, nasty names. And every time he starts to go on about the religion issue, I think "you know, if he is a good Catholic, he swore devotion to God, the Pope, and Jesus Christ, not you Jerry....are you somehow confusing yourself with one of them, old man?"


They picked players for the veto and in addition to M/K/L, they were Memphis, Jerry and April. When they come back from trivia, we find Jerry sitting in HOH with Michelle, already going on about how he should use the veto on Keesha and put Dan up. So Jerry won again.... Michelle again goes into her spiel of why she put Keesha against Libra. Jerry says he knows, but he'd really like to see Dan sweat.


Michelle says she wants noms to stay the same, and Jerry agrees, but thinks Dan is walking around being too cocky. He then says he wants to tell Keesha she's safe, but doesn't want anyone (including Michelle) to say anything to anyone. He doesn't know Michelle's already told Keesha the same thing, and she doesn't 'fess up.


Then Jerry trots downstairs and pulls Keesha into the storage room and says to her "you know how I told you I'd do something for you? Well, I just did; you're safe." I'm not sure if she thought he was saying he was going to use the veto, but in any case, as long as he's not vetoing Libra, Keesha is pretty safe.

i saved u kee

Then after telling both Keesha and Michelle not to tell anyone what he's said, he trots off to tell Aprollie. He also tells them that when he saw the parade of everyone but him going up to HOH over the last day, he was worried there was a secret plan to b'd him. But now that he has the veto, and he's had a chat with Michelle, he's good.

Jerry: Dan's nervous because he thinks I'm gonna put him up.

Uh, don't get to put anyone up. Have you now somehow confused yourself with the HOH?

Apparently the POV had something to do with chopping up onions and sticking them in containers. It sounds like they had two containers, one for the veto and one for a "prize." So in addition to Jerry winning the veto, Memphis seems to have won the chance to pick a prize....and he chose...poorly....and ended up stuck in an onion necklace for 24 hours. April got the good prize, 5 "designer" outfits. But Memphis looked on the bright size and said that between this prize and the $10,000 from the last veto, she's even with him on the car. (I haven't been mentioning it, but last week April kept harping on how Memphis won a car...and each time she mentioned it, it went up in value....last I heard it was up to $70,000...having started at $40,000.)

onion jewels

More delusional diva'ing:

Jerry: I was afraid I was the target when I saw everyone running up there [HOH].
April: I know! I felt the same way when I was being backdoored.

Uh, April? The only time you've been backdoored was...never mind.

They got their feast tonight. After enjoying the food, they had a very staged "moment" of going around the table and saying "nice things" about one another. I started to write it all down for you, fair readers, but it wasn't worth it because it was so obviously staged. I'm sure the video will be out "in the cosmos" (©BB3/7 Marcellas)...and if you're a sap (like me!) it will get you a tiny bit choked up. Dan, in particular, gave a performance, and Jerry piped up with "I think you're America's Player...and if you are that justifies some of it." Wonder if that will cost Danny Boy his $20K?


danny boy jer-bear

And staged as it might have been, it led to some interesting drama. Libra ran off with Ollie and confronted him about the "a 'ho and a scallywag" comment, and started throwing Keesha under that fabled bus. Meanwhile, down the hall, the Battling Barbie Bitches were bonding....and tossing Libra under that same bus. Jerry and Dan kinda-maybe-sorta made up. Dan played off his Tooling, and told Jerry their conversations were for real. Jerry told Dan that he hadn't said boo to Jerry today and when Dan brought up goodnight-gate, Jerry basically rolled his eyes. Jer still thinks he was the planned b/d and everyone was in on it. And further meanwhile, in the bathroom, Michelle and Dan kinda-maybe-sorta made up too.

ape kee


hug1 hug2

And after I've given Jerry such a hard time...I will say I had a moment of understanding about his behavior tonight. He said to a couple of people tonight that he's "felt really lonely the last few days." I suddenly realized why he's so mad at Dan...he actually did feel like he lost his best friend.

poor jerry

Lines of the Day

Libra (holding up an empty wine bottle): America, this is called liquid courage. We need some more!
Keesha: And Dan, can I just say, your Swim Club is the best thing ever.

I finally sat down and ranked the HGs on my scale, grading on entertainment value, gameplay, and personality. I was a little surprised at some of the results. Here's how it came out:

  1. Dan
  2. Memphis
  3. Renny
  4. Keesha
  5. Michelle
  6. Libra
  7. Jerry
  8. April
  9. Ollie

I was surprised to see Memphis come out ahead of Renny, and to see Ollie at the bottom of the list. His (lack of) gameplay really hurt him.

There's a lot more still going on....but I gotta press "post" at some point....I'll sum up tomorrow.

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