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the morning after

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posted Sunday, 10 August 2008

Last night's drama turned out to be some of the best we could hope for.  It all started with the game of "let's say something nice about each other."  Most of them took one of two tacts, either going with something that sounds "nice" but is actually a subtle jab, or going with the overly emotional tearjerker speech.  Except for Ollie who tried to get away without playing.


Jerry said he wishes he and Memphis could be friends, Renny said "Colonel, I talk a lot of smack about you in the the Dairy Queen (DR), but you cease to amaze me with the stuff you keep winning" (I think she meant "you never cease to amaze me)....either way it was a great line), Dan started in on something to Michelle and then got "choked up" and had to leave the room.  When he came back he said something along the lines of hoping she'd forgive him, and then he told Jerry he reminded him of his grandfather and that their talks were real and he hoped they could make up.  Jerry got all teary-eyed.


There was a little bit of hug and make up time right after dinner, but then it all went crazy.  Libra confronted Ollie, and then went and tried to pull April in the conversation.  April was in the spa room with Keesha, doing the Barbie Bitch fight thing. Apparently Libra made a comment when April won the clothes in the veto comp. that Keesha would be trying to get an outfit from her or something and this started the April/Keesha fight of the night.


Suddenly, everyone was screaming at everyone about who had said what to whom, and who was responsible for the kick-Jessie plot. Libra is trying to put the plan on Dan, which Jerry in particular is quick to believe.  Jerry comes out with the gem of a line "I've never broken my word to anyone in this house.  Except Brian, and that was only because you all made me do it." 


At some point April pulled Dan into her office (the spa) and started to interrogate him about the vote.  She said she couldn't believe he swore on his cross; he said he didn't, and pointed out again that he's taken it off.  (Oh really, April?  Didn't you swear on your nephew to make sure Jessie stayed?)  She kept saying that she was so offended as a Catholic, that his behavior is giving Catholics a bad name.  (Oh really, April?  And you're such a shining example of virtue?)  She also said she and Ollie will be together after the show, that she will be his wife.  (Oh really, April?  Did anyone tell him that?)


Then Michelle came and grabbed April to pull her up to HOH for a summit of the Delusional Divas.  Libra was brought in, and there was more arguing about the banner.  Michelle seems completely convinced that it really said what she claims. And Libra is now completely convinced that Keesha started the kick-Jessie plot, and that she (Libra) wasn't on board until after Dan was recruited.


The all ended with Michelle storming around the house, throwing pillows and confronting everyone she could find, regardless of where they were....sleeping, in the shower, in the toilet.  Fishies came on for a while, and when they swam off, the fight was over as suddenly as it had begun.  Later on I heard them say that BB had just asked Renny to collect the steak knives from the surf & turf feast and bring them to the DR.


By this morning you could hear a pin drop in the house.  The factions were split again, Keesha was saying she'll never drink again.  Jerry was back to not talking to Dan and calling him nasty names.  Libra said she'd spent 3 hours in the DR, attempting to take a voluntary exit. 

thumbs up

At one point this evening Libra came to Dan, at first to borrow the Bible.  She started talking to him about how alone she felt on the block, and no one will talk to her.  Dan did his usual thing of listening and being sympathetic and all that.  Later on Renny runs to Keesha and tells her that Dan and Libra were talking for an hour (it really was that long, Libra just wouldn't shut up) and that she (Renny) thinks he's trying to keep her.  Keesha gets super-paranoid about it.  She asks Memphis what he thinks is up.  He ends up saying that maybe Dan is just making nice for jury votes.  Keesha doesn't like that they talked so long and says there's no excuse for that.  (Oh really, Keesha?  Weren't you the one who said people should be able to talk to anyone?) 


Now Renny is all on the Dan's the Tool campaign.  Almost all of them are convinced he's America's Player.  What's funny is that 90% of the stuff they're writing off as Tool Tasks are just Dan being Dan.  Michelle's on to him with the hug task.  His winks and smirks at the mirror have not gone unnoticed. Fact is, he probably would have voted to evict Jessie no matter what.  So most of the Tool suspicion is paranoia (and there's now a great theory that he and Libra are co-Tools).  He really should stop winking at the mirrors/cameras, though.  And he really should put the cross back on...if he really has, as he said on the show tonight, worn it his entire life, a vote on a reality show is hardly a reason to change.

two tools?

Since I've gone and mentioned the show, I will say this much.  Dan's getting a super-kind edit, and Libra's getting a super-harsh one.  They're both somewhat deserved, but BB clearly have their favorites as much as anyone.  The returning HGs for the food comp. weren't all that exciting.  I did enjoy the glare April gave Ollie when he stood up and clapped for Janelle.  April really doesn't like anyone challenging her status as top blonde.  And it was pretty funny how little they got right.  Of course, I didn't know the deal on most of the stories.  Then again, unless it's in BB news, I probably missed it.


Line of the Day

April: Every wrong makes a right...things work out for me.  That's why I pray, and why my religion is so strong.  Someone down there likes me.
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