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posted Monday, 11 August 2008

We start the day with Dan announcing it's the first day of football practice for his team, and he gets all made up in their honor.

coach dan

Meanwhile Jerry runs up to HOH and tells Michelle that his veto speech is going to be all about Dan. How he's Judas, etc., etc. We've heard it all before, Jerry. He tells her everything he's going to say, and that he wants to shock everyone. She says she'll act shocked too.


They go off to the ceremony, and when they're back, it's pretty clear that Jerry lived up to his promise of 'shock and awe.' But it didn't go quite as anticipated in that instead of turning everyone against Dan, they're now all kind of mad at Jerry. Apparently he used the BB staple phrase of "expect the unexpected" and Michelle started to get nervous that he was going to veto Libra.


April takes to her bed, and Ollie decides to tell everyone that the "alliance" among himself, Jerry and Dan was all a figment of Jerry's imagination. That's not exactly true--Jerry did approach them about being willing to team up if the girls formed an all chick alliance. But it made Jerry look even more "crazy old man" than he already did.

Libra: What? He just made up a whole frickin' alliance? That's hysterical.


We get one of the longest DR leaks ever of Michelle talking about the veto ceremony. Most of what she said we'd already heard. It seems a little deliberate. While Michelle was on feeds 1 and 2, the cameras on 3 and 4 changed...hard to believe no one noticed they were airing DR footage. Whatever. It was still new and different and mildly interesting. At one point the DR dude says "Roger that" to something Michelle says and she says "Roger! Hey, Roger is my boss' name...hi Roger! After I get out of here and win $500,000, I still want my job back." Then she asks the DR guy if they can air that. "Uh, no. Sorry," he says.

leak1 leak2

Speaking of jobs, I have to give a link to . I can't imagine his job is actually in jeopardy, but I think it's too funny that someone actually set it up.

A few birds perched on the backyard wall, and we learn that Ollie is afraid of birds. He jumps up on the back of the couch, and then behind it. I was laughing at him, until he said it was all because of the Hitchcock movie "The Birds." That was one freaky movie.

scared bird

Oh, yeah, and Jerry didn't use the veto, by the way. He still seems to be under the impression that he got to pick the replacement, had he used it. The one thing of interest we heard in the DR leak was Michelle saying that had Jerry vetoed Keesha, she wasn't putting up Dan, but rather Renny. She didn't have a plan if he vetoed Libra, but there was about a snowball's chance of that. And it's all moot now anyway.

dan jerry

So Keesha and Libra are still sitting on the block and there's about a 99.9% chance that Libra will be toddling off to the jury house on Thursday. There could be some campaign drama tomorrow, especially if they get more alcohol, but don't count on. Most likely the big thing we have to look forward to is wondering who is going to get HOH next.

nom1 nom2

Lines of the Day

Michelle (about Jerry):He's walking around so mad about Dan, talking about swearing on the cross and Judaism and stuff.
Ollie (about Jerry): I'm starting to worry about his health and all. Like he's starting to lose his mind or something.
Ollie: The sun sets in the east, so it's that way.
(Uh, Ollie? What planet you livin' on, dude?)

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