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how now, old cow?

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posted Tuesday, 12 August 2008

It has remained quiet in the house since the veto ceremony yesterday. So pretty much the only drama we get is the toned down recap we got on the show.

michelle jerry

They left out much of Jerry and Michelle's convos, making it sound as if all Michelle told Jerry to do whatever he wanted. They built up the possibility of Dan being repl-nom'ed to look a lot bigger than it actually was. And they're already working on a storyline for Thursday to build suspense over the vote. Fact is, it's likely Libra will be kicked with another unanimous vote.

keesha libra

They did air a fair amount of Jerry's comments that the thinks Dan is the Tool. I don't remember if the wording of the rules was that he couldn't tell anyone or that he couldn't be discovered. Either way, I think he fulfilled the tasks. But if they want to say he got caught, there's certainly been a lot of talk about it. Maybe in addition to SaveDansJob, he needs SaveDans$20K. Every slightly odd little thing he does he gets accused of being AP.


So, for LotD, we'll go with....

Memphis (about Dan): If he's not America's Player, he is one weird dude.

memphis dan

That's all for now. It really has been near dead in the house. They did get their halfway dinner and cake tonight, wine and beer included. But it doesn't seem like anyone drank enough to have a repeat of Saturday's drama.

d1 d2 d3

Oh, and Ollie's still in there...not that you'd ever guess with his complete lack of involvement in anything. Trust me that's him.


And for your amusement of the day...shocking as it may seem, behind hate there's always a little bit of love...I think Jerry might be single-white-female'ing Dan.....

swf swf'd


[P.S. I never quite got to it, but the title is a reference to the fact that if you listen to Jerry in the DR on tonight's show, at one point he calls himself an old cow....]

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