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give me a freakin' break

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posted Tuesday, 8 April 2008

What the heck is up with the James-lovefest on the BB TV show?  Tonight we had a good 10 minutes of "James is so great, James is so sensitive."  Meanwhile he's going around lying about what Natalie has said to him (to give them a tiny bit of credit, they did briefly air what she actually said in direct contrast to what he claimed she said), running around in his underwear screaming at people, and generally plotting to make everyone's life as miserable as he can.


As part of his "Torment Nat" plan today, James decided to get naked and lie down next to her.  There was some further harassing behavior, encouraged by the other boys, but it didn't last long.  The DR seems to have suggested that he remain at least partially clothed, and keep "private activities" somewhat private.  And it doesn't seem to have bothered her much...she's just back to reading her Bible.

st. nattie

I've really got nothing else.  It's almost a guarantee that James will be kicked tomorrow.  He might create one last set of fireworks before he goes, but I'm not convinced.  I'm kind of hoping for a fast-forward, and kick Sharon right out after him.  She's completely useless in there.  Then we can watch the chaos as "Team Christ" implodes.  

I'll leave you with today's "pick 6 pics."


big she


I have no idea what is going on with Sheila here.  I caught this last night and figure she's impersonating a beaver or an angry chipmunk or something.









And ditto for Sharon.  Maybe she wants to be just like the "big She"? But at least she has her weird blue shawl/blanket thing.  What is up with that?






robe dissed



And speaking of odd sartorial choices...I didn't get any caps of the dis-robed James, so we'll go back a few days to something that's been making me scratch my head a little...what is with James wearing Chelsia's robe?  Did she leave it for him?  Is it like Daniele with Nick's bandanna last year?









Ryan's neck must be feeling least he can support the chef's hat.




mom said no





Here's a question: has Adam cut back on the nose picking and hands down the pants and such since getting the letter from his mom?  Or am I just becoming desensitized to it? 




movin on up



Has Natalie figured out that once Operation-Kick-James has happened, she moves up to Everyone's #1 Target? Everyone has deals with everyone, but somehow she's the only one who is being universally accused of "playing all sides."

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