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deal me out

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posted Wednesday, 9 April 2008

After one of the dullest endurance comps in BB history, Natalie and Ryan handed HOH to Sheila.  Sheila promised Ryan he was safe from, as she would say the "git-go."  I'm not even sure why he hung in as long as he did.  Sharon was down before the feeds were even on.  And then she was a total bitch to Natalie at the end of the comp. guilting her into giving it to Sheila.

ryan sheila natalie the gang

She never made a clear promise to Nat.  But Natalie said she "didn't want to be a James" and deprive Sheila of her HOH goodies, like James did to Nat with the disco ball comp.  She would be wise to remember though, that James made and broke a deal, and Natalie could very well be out this week, thanks to this move.  Who knows, maybe Natalie will win POV, maybe Sheila and Ryan will keep the deal (the actual deal was that Sheila would nom Adam and Sharon and if one of them won POV, Ryan or Nat would go up, but the other would agree to vote to keep the repl-nom, and Sheila would break the tie to keep them if necessary).

she's down

So, King James is dead, long live....Queen Sheila?  We can only hope that Sharon goes this week.  The segment with her family was cute and all, and she seems like she'd be a nice person to know in real life, but she's not fun as a hamster.  Sorry, Sharon. 


That's all for now, folks. 

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