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Who's mental in this house?

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posted Thursday, 10 April 2008

LOL....well, all of you.

adnat  all of them

That was Natalie's line tonight.  Her point was that the next HOH comp. will be "mental" and that Sheila ought to target Adam this week, b/c he's a strong possibility to win next week.  Of course, since Sheila feels pretty good about her deal with Adam, that probably won't work with her.

peace out

Sheila did nom Sharon and Adam, but they're all plotting against Natalie.  Adam seems a little peeved, but that could be a bit of an act.  Sharon, of course, is used to it.  And fine with it.

adam  sharon, again

They've been on lockdown for a while, and they're thinking maybe a late night POV.  That could be and that could mean morphomatic (I know, I know, I've said that before).  I hope it is, and I hope Natalie wins.  I hope Nat wins whatever it is, but morph could be fun for Tuesday's show. 


That's all for now...sorry it's not much, but there's not much going on. 

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