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posted Saturday, 12 April 2008

Early Friday morning, after the veto comp., I noticed Natalie wandering through the house alone.  The rest of the hamsters were up in HOH totally trashing her (minus veto-winner Adam, who was in the DR).  I couldn't help be reminded of Janelle toward the end of S6.  She's not perfect, but she's nowhere near as bad as the others say.  Their real problem with her is that they know she can beat them, so they want her gone.

all alone

sharon sheila

So, what would Janelle do?  Well, first place, she would have won the veto.  The veto comp. was some sort of morphomatic variant.  Apparently there were bodies involved this time, not just faces, and there was a mention of Evel Dick.  Also there was some sort of puzzle involving George and Skippy, and that's what threw Natalie off.  She said many times that once she "figured out the clue with the guineas" she was done quickly.  But her overall time was over 10 minutes.  Sounds like Ryan and Adam were in the 2-3 minute range, with Adam winning.  It was nice early morning show for us East Coasters when the feeds came back on around 4:30 AM BBT.  Adam was happy and relieved to have won.  Natalie was not thrilled with herself, but didn't turn it into anything bad about the rest of them.  And we got a little oopsie with a flash of the DR couch.

happy nattie  happy adam dr

So, what else would Janie do?  Well, she probably wouldn't have handed an HOH to one of the nasty witches who was trying to kick her.  And she wouldn't have fallen for Sharon's "be a true Christian" BS.  During the HOH comp, I thought that was particularly nasty of Sharon.  After sitting around doing nothing the whole game, and dropping out of the comp. just minutes in, she has the nerve to stand there and guilt Natalie into giving it to Sheila?  Telling her "don't do what James did to you" really should have reminded Nat that she can't trust anyone in this game.  She could have had the HOH, and sure, Sheila would be hating her, but that's happening anyway.

nat shar she

But, it's all over and done with.  Adam will veto himself, and Natalie will be the repl-nom.  Sheila is holding to her deal with Ryan, though neither is seeming to hold to their deal with Natalie.  Part of the Sheila-HOH deal was that if Nat/Ryan had to go up, the other would vote to keep whoever was up, and if it came to a tie Sheila would keep Nat/Ry.  The Sheila part is highly unlikely, since her new hobby is sitting around with Sharon and trashing Nat.  (Yet another BB6 deja vu...they sound like Maggie/April/Ivette trashing Janelle....)

st. sharon st. sheila

There's a chance that Adam will be Natalie's Howie, and decide to save her, maybe even bringing along his buddy Ryan.  In a way that's the smarter move for Adam/Ryan.  If Nat stays and wins the next HOH she would very likely target Sheila.  If Sharon stays and wins the next HOH she would almost certainly target Adam.  Even though Sharon's the one anyone can beat in the end, it doesn't do them much good if they're not there next to her.  Keeping Nat is probably Adam/Ryan's best bet to get to the end together.

3 amigos nattie

There was some oddness/technical difficulties on the feeds last night, giving us the BB8 feeds-down screen for 30-45 minutes.  But it was sort of a nice break from the nastiness.  We come back to find more of the same.  Adam's scratching his ass, Sharon's chewing on her lip, Sheila's spewing bile, and Ryan and Natalie are being Ryan and Natalie.

down scratcher chomper

For now, Adam and Ryan are telling everyone what they want to hear, and saying to each other that they'll wait until after repl-noms on Sunday to decide how they want to vote.  Natalie knows something's not quite right, but she's not letting it get her down too much.


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