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little girl lost

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posted Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I'm not sure who the "girl" in the subject line is...Natalie?...Sharon?

nat    shar

I'm so confused.  I thought Natalie was a goner for sure once she lost the veto.  But in the last couple days it has been sounding like Ryan and Adam were considering keeping her.  Or maybe they're just saying that?  It only takes one of them to be full of shit and Sheila will break a tie and kick Nattie.


I'd give you a better update as to what's going on if I had a clue.  Someone is leaving tomorrow, Natalie or Sharon.  We'll know when we know.  Odds are slightly more in favor of kicking Natalie.  On the other hand, Tuesday's show was very pro-kick-Nat, and they often try to misdirect us.  We'll get a better clue with the lead-in to the liveshow.  Despite the Sharon-logic of "I can't win" it's really Nat that can't win.  The boys are starting to figure this out, and starting to figure out that they're best chance of being 1-2 together is F3 w/them and Natalie.  And since Sheila can't play in the next HOH and is unlikely to win POV, she's got a good chance to be kicked next.  And odds are better for that w/Natalie than with Sharon.


In other news, Sheila built an Alex-doll, and they celebrated her birthday with way-overused decorations and gifts that she already owned.

bday    alexdoll

I'll jump up on my soapbox for a minute.  Big Brother, dude? WTF? You're a freakin' TV show on CBS and you can't buy a new birthday banner?  And you wrap up HGs personal property and pretend it's a "gift"?  How ghetto is that?  If you don't want to celebrate hamster b-days, just tell them (and us) that upfront.  And what the hell is wrong with you that you don't want to celebrate someone's birthday?

 bb8 bb9

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