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loopy loop

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posted Sunday, 20 April 2008

Draw whatever conclusions you will from the fact that I haven't posted since Natalie was evicted...really it's half that the feeds got dull as soon as she was gone, and half being distracted by my other life.

So, here's where we are with the Final 4.

little table

Ryan won HOH on a total guess, and quite possibly an attempt to throw it.  For most of the game it seemed that Ryan and Adam were both being incredibly stupid in their answers.  Then when the mystery pre-existing relationship question came up, the obvious answer was "fiction."  Ryan said he guessed "fact" b/c he knew it wasn't obvious, wasn't what Sharon would say, and it was his only chance to win.  Then his answer on the tie-breaker was way off, but he won since Sharon clearly misunderstood the question (she didn't get what "combined" meant).


Then Ryan chalked up another win with the POV.  It sounds like the basis of that comp was the kind of stuff that Jedi drilling would have helped with, but of course, nobody does that this year.  So Sharon and Sheila are nomed and likely to stay that way.  Ryan's in a great position.  He's still playing all sides, and it's Adam who has to do the dirty work of kicking someone.


For his part, Adam's pretty much still just Adam.  He's saying he's going to kick Sheila, but who really knows.  The eviction is Monday, so maybe we'll get some excitement and last minute campaigning tonight and tomorrow.


Sheila and Sharon continue their loops of complain, complain, boring story, complain.  They still complain about how much they hate Natalie,  Sheila keeps reminding us she's a single frickin' Mom (oddly she seems to have stopped mentioning her age since her b-day).  Sharon keeps screeching at George and Skippy (yet it never occurs to her that they had a prior relationship).

she    shar

And then they all lay around and sleep/sulk.


I'm pretty much over all of them, and would rather just watch the guinea pigs at this point.  They've been told "liveshow" tomorrow, and it seems they're already on lockdown for the building of the endurance comp.  Though BB has a history of blocking the feeds for days on end when it's a double-eviction week, they seem to have gotten better in recent years (BB7 we were back on after Howie left on a Friday night).  They're also pretty good about showing endurance comps on the feeds.  At worst they'll have to be back on by 9PM BBT for ShowtimeTime. 

a real winner

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