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regurgitated livefeed

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posted Monday, 21 April 2008

There's a tiny bit of excitement building.  In the house they're hearing the BB theme music (as I believe they always do on liveshow days).  We're still seeing them bee-bop around for now.  At some point the feeds will go to flames/trivia.  The HGs will probably get some sort of run through of the HOH comp.

And at some point they'll  have a "liveshow"...or rather a "live-to-tape" show of the POV ceremony and eviction.  The feeders know that Ryan won the POV, is likely to keeps the noms as they are, and Adam is likely to vote out Sheila.  The HGs all pretty much know all that too.  The TV-only viewers know none of that.

And at some point, they'll start the final HOH endurance comp. 

Last night, the BB9 refeeds started.  Apparently, Real is claiming they started now b/c they need to have time to finish before BB10 starts on July 13.  I call BS on that....if my math is correct...the BB9 feeds started on Feb. 12th  They'll end on April 27th...that's 74 days.  If the refeeds started on April 27th, 74 days later would be....July 10th.

Things that make you go "hmmmm....."

There's a theory that the refeeds started now so we'll have something to watch for the next few days, and that they'll block the feeds until after Wednesday's liveshow.  So we won't see the end. comp., we won't know who wins part I or part II, and we won't know for sure who goes tonight.  Basically, we'll be in the same boat as the TV-only viewers.

And then we'll get 4 days of the Final 2 hanging out in the house alone?!  You've got to be kidding me.  If that's the plan, I won't be happy.  Watching the endurance comps is one of the best parts of having the livefeeds.  And knowing who won comps is NBD.  We always know and we still watch the show.  And what about Showtime?  Will BBAD be some replay of earlier in the season tonight and tomorrow.  That's dumb too.

Personally, I don't really expect them to block us for 2 days.  They used to do that for double evictions, but I'm pretty sure they got a lot of flack for it, and as I said yesterday, they seem to have changed the policy in recent seasons.  I wouldn't be buying it all if it weren't for the refeed thing.  But as always....we'll know when we know.  By ShowtimeTime at the latest. 

Even though I will be bitter, I'll probably watch the refeeds if they do block us.  I missed a lot the first week, and frankly it's always more interesting at the beginning than at the end.  It's kind of fun to realize who gained weight, who changed their tune, to see the long departed, etc.  But I'll still be pissed if we are robbed of the last endurance comp.

Based on some HG comments, there's another theory that they're doing the "liveshow" starting at 9 for ShowtimeTime.  I find it hard to believe Julie wants to work that late.  But on the other hand, it's after 3 and we're still seeing them laying around doing nothing.  If they're going to start at the typical time of 5, BB needs to get this show on the road PDQ.  I would believe they're doing the "liveshow" from 8-9 so the endurance comp. will be just starting when Showtime starts (and the feeds come back) that would be cool.

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