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posted Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Okay, turns out the HGs weren't the only ones jumping to conclusions.  I, along with a lot of others, jumped to the conclusion that Jerry had won the veto b/c of its placement next to his picture.  I know in past seasons they've moved the pictures to put the veto winner next to the veto.  Or, like last season, they've hung the veto around the winner's pic.  Who knows? It's week 1 and everyone is still figuring stuff out...and still making mistakes.

oopsie oopsie

Turns out Jessie won the veto.  My biggest consolation is the fact that I originally said it was probably one of the nominees who won.  So, I was right before I was wrong....  The comp. was, uh, interesting.  My thought throughout the whole thing was that it must have been a major pain in the ass to wash all that "honey" off later.

veto winner

The show was mainly interesting b/c we got to see some of what happened before the feeds went live.  It's still highly edited.  Brian did come across as a sneaky little bitch.  I haven't really seen him as being that bad on the feeds.  Of course, by the time we got access he'd already been nominated and realized his grave tactical error.  By the same token, Renny's not quite the drama queen they made her seem on the show.  But regardless, if I got a vote, I'd kick Renny.  Brian certainly did play too hard too soon, but he's pretty entertaining.

briguy brain


No one's really campaigning, as far as I can tell.  Renny seems to feel pretty safe, and Brian seems pretty sure he's kicked.  There was a little chatter earlier about keeping him, but I suspect that's just DR droppings.  Maybe, if we're really lucky, we'll get some last minute drama tonight.  And if we're really, really lucky, a last minute flip.


Jerry continues to make me him, not with him.  Earlier I tuned in and had the misfortune to hear a convo between Jerry and Keesha, discussing the relative merits of enemas vs. suppositories.  (Keesha hasn't been able to "go #2" since entering the house....I know...TMI.) Anytime a major component of your conversations involves either bodily functions, or who has died this week, you know you're old.  But the best part of the Jerry/Keesha conversation was that when he finally convinced her to go into the DR and ask for something, he also said he'd go with her....and he did.

the boss

It seems to me that they should have voted today, but it doesn't sound as if they have.  I'm not sure if it's a live vote, or if they'll vote tomorrow (or if they've voted and they're just being super-well-behaved and not discussing it).  I'm still holding out hope for drama...anything to avoid Big Boredom.

drama yawn

They all sat down and did the traditional happy family dinner tonight.  And Dan either said grace, or is asking for his friend to be saved.

dinner power of prayer

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