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premature eviculation

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posted Monday, 14 July 2008

I have never heard a BB cast get so ahead of themselves as this one.  Their eviction speculation/plotting is out of control.  Most of them..a core group of Libra, Michelle, Ollie, April and Keesha...have gotten together and decided that Brian goes this week, Dan goes next week...then Renny, then Angie....and so on.  At some point they're going to have to start evicting each other.  And how crazy to think that everything will go according to plan.


And there are just too many of them in there at this point.  They gather in rooms and either all talk at once, whisper annoyingly, or someone starts pontificating.  Any of those options is giving me a headache.  And I am still having trouble telling Memphis and Brian, and sometimes Steven, apart. (Well, not when they're right next to each other....)


And Jerry totally reminds me of everyone's grandfather.  For example, just now someone asked him what time he normally goes to bed.  He sort of answered the question, and then proceeded to go through everything he does each day of the week.  "I play golf in the morning...and then I go to the a few hands of poker, drink a few beers...then I buy 2 lbs of home, have dinner, watch some TV...."etc. etc....I swear I'm not making this up.


And summer camp is kind of over...there's been a Steven/Michelle fight, that somehow Angie got in the middle of....there's been a Steven/Libra fight, that Keesha tried to sort of smooth over, and kind of made things worse.  Since they've pretty much all decided on the vote, they're just hanging out and trying to live with each other.  But it's still Big Brother, and paranoia abounds.

fight1    fight2

the outcast

Brian seems to be the only one not convinced he's being kicked.  He says he's "making the big play" tomorrow.  Though my money is on the DR prodding him to do it for ShowtimeTime.  This is about the time they lit a fire under Carol on BB8.

dan    bri-guy

April and Ollie were definitely cuddly this afternoon.  They're clearly the early contenders for the Showmance crown.  Personally, I'm waiting for the OCD to make an appearance.

showmance anyone?

A lot of people, including the HGs seem to think Keesha looks like BB8 Daniele.  Someone even made the comment that Dick is calling all his old girlfriends about be the judge:

keesha    daniele

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