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posted Monday, 14 July 2008

Really?  I stayed up half the night for this?

1st shot

Maybe I'm just getting jaded because this is my 4th season of livefeeds, but the start of the feeding last night was anti-climactic.  The feeds kicked in just before 9PM BBT, with the hamsters running screaming though the house.  Clearly BB had told them they were about to go live.  Jerry surveyed them from on high.  And after coming across as such a drama queen on the show, Renny sat quietly for most of the night.  Though, to be fair, being on slop and being nominated can probably do that to you.

king jerry   

Much of the first couple of hours of the feeds was hurt by the fact that the audio was horrible.  Thank goodness for streaming of BBAD.  I read somewhere that Real attributed the problem to CBS failing to send the audio from the mic packs to Real...they were only getting the overhead mics.  And it seemed they were only getting the backyard mics, at that.  We had about an hour and a half of planes, and major feedbleed like last year.

The other game most feedsters were playing was "try to catch a glimpse of the memory wall and figure out what happened with the veto."  The camera operator helped out early on by zooming right in on Jerry's picture with the veto hanging next to it.  Sharp observers also caught that it was still Jessie and Renny's keys missing from the wall.  I have to admit I've never paid a lot of attention to whether the vetoed nom gets their key back, but I did think the veto came down off the wall after the ceremony.  


But soon enough we got confirmation that Jessie was veto'ed and Brian was the repl-nom.  It would seem that Brian did something that Jerry decided nullified their alliance.  It also sounds like Michelle and someone (Angie? April?) went on a "Save Jessie" campaign and/or told Jerry that Brian wasn't as loyal as he seemed.  Whatever the case, the rest of the house seems to have turned on Brian/Dan and possibly Steven.  And Renny is wisely laying low and will most likely survive the week. 

jessie    brian

michelle    angie

So far, other than whatever happened with Jerry and Brian there doesn't seem to be any major hatred brewing.  It's still the first week of summer camp in there and they're pretty much all getting along.  I also heard that we had our first make-out pairing of Ollie and April, though I didn't catch it myself.  The first slop sentence ended at midnight, they got a newly stocked pantry, and the slop crew spent the hours before preparing food.  Apparently their 50s style kitchen doesn't include a microwave, and BB mocked them by giving the microwave popcorn.  My bet is they'll have a chance to win one in a food comp. at some point.

dining room    pantry

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