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let the games begin

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posted Sunday, 13 July 2008

The feeds should kick in shortly, but until then, we're left with fishies.  They're not quite as cute as George and Skippy from last year, but then again, they might not be our permanent feed-blockers anyway.  Maybe we'll be back to blue flush.


The show was nothing shocking.  They did the usual staged "hey I got my key and have an hour to pack!" nonsense.  The first HOH "comp." was just silly.  "Based only on what they look like," they picked the HOH.  Isn't BB trying to be less superficial?  Whatever.  The first HOH is often an early casualty anyway.  And didn't anyone tell Memphis that winning a car early on is not a good idea?

So, yeah.  They're all strangers, and it looks like they'll stay 13.  The remaining frame on the memory wall has a BB logo.  They played the first real comp. which was a combo food/prize comp.  So about half the house is on slop, though Jerry was on the losing team, and presumably as HOH he gets food.  Jessie sat out the comp. voluntarily, which guaranteed him food, but lost him the shot at the car.  Memphis won the car in a bizarre (and aborted) rock-paper-scissors fight with Steven.  He chose the Camaro (personally, I would have gone for the Mustang, but that's just me).

Alliance forming started immediately.  Dan, the "good Catholic boy," tuned right into Brian for reasons I don't quite get.  Then Brian said bring in Ollie, and Dan said "let's keep it to just us," but next thing we know, he's chatting up Ollie.  Brian also buddied up to Jerry, and we have an alliance very reminiscent of the BB8 Mrs. Robinson alliance.  And we all know how that worked out for them.  And at this point, my guess is that Jerry, like Kail, will fall early.

Renny annoyed everyone, including most viewers.  Jessie spoke up, having not appreciated being screeched out of bed...there was a minor tiff and this sufficed as reason to nom. the two of them.  Word is the veto was used, and at this stage of the game, unless someone else made a major faux pas, smart money says one of the nominees won it.  With our luck, it was probably Renny.  She's far too annoying to go week one.  Jessie on the other hand is so quiet, he's an easy target.  At least that's my take, based on the show.  But there's a good change the feeds will change my view. 

For as annoying as Renny was, I have to say she gave me my two small laughs of the show.  First when she was convinced they'd been locked in a bedroom, and it turned out she was just trying to pull on a push door...and second when she threw on a wig and kerchief that made her look like a bad Lucille Ball drag queen.

As for the rest of them, outside of Renny's shrieking and April's "feel my boobs" could barely tell there were women in the house.  And no drama beyond Renny-gate.    Here's hoping there's something going on when the feeds kick in for ShowtimeTime.  First eviction is Wednesday, voting is likely not live, so on Tuesday.  Which should mean hardcore campaigning tomorrow night.

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