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posted Sunday, 2 March 2008

The show was, uh, interesting.  At least now I know that the girls were dressed as asparagus for the food comp. (and the guys were in overalls, not aprons) and now I understand why they've been having asparagus at every meal.  I thought they had passed up "carbs" b/c they're all Atkins freaks.  Joshuah was pretty obnoxious with his "whopping 131 lbs" comment (as if that's fat), but whatever.  And Matty/Nattie's bedtime antics and "don't fall in love with me" chat were from week one.  At this point, Matt has moved on to anyone and everyone else.  The Josh/Allison fight was fine, except they left out the real drama about the alleged death threats and "restraining order," but there were probably good legal reasons for that.

dinner    joshy

matt and chelsia, again    matt/shar


The annoying thing about the show schedule is that all the action in the house is pretty much Wed. night through Sunday night.  By the time the Sunday show airs, we've had not only noms, but POV comp. and ceremony, and repl-noms.  And then the Sunday-Wednesday feed action doesn't show up on TV until the liveshow.  It really is almost 2 different worlds.


So, back in the house, they had the POV ceremony.  Matt/Natalie vetoed themselves, and Adam/Sheila are the repls.  Allison told James/Chelsia that she is "100% certain" that Matt will vote to keep her (Alli)...and said a few insulting things about Natalie, to say that Matt runs that show.  It would seem Alli has 2 to get J/C to think that if they want to "vote with the house" they should vote to keep her/Ryan.  But Josh/Sharon want Alli gone so bad that they'll happily break a tie.   And everyone learned a lesson from Alex, so nothing is taken for granted and Sheila is being sure to do her part in campaigning.  Allison's second goal may be to set Matt and Natalie up, whether A/R go or stay, this whole story about a deal with M/N could really cause problems for them next week.  At this point I'm rooting for Matt/Nat for HOH next week.

campaign1    campaign2

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