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nobody knows

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posted Saturday, 1 March 2008

[Blog city is not cooperating with me today, and just trashed my you get a real summary posting.]

Not much is going on in the BB house at the moment.  Key points today have been:

Matt ran his 'America's Playa' routine on Sharon, making out a bit, and denying that he's hooked up with Natalie (which he has, for those keeping score).  Later on Sharon told lies of her own, saying that Matty only "tried" to kiss her, and that she'd never go there.  And later, later, James and Chelsia both went at Sharon too.


It seems like the deal between Matt and Ryan is for real.  They're trying to get James/Chelsia to be the repl-nom when M/N veto their nom, thinking that maybe they can get Sheila/Adam to vote to keep Ryan/Allison.  It's not likely to work out, but might give us some drama.

sheila pulls her hair out

BB has told them to expect some sort of "air raid siren" in the not too distant future, but not what it will be announcing.  Conventional wisdom both inside and outside the house is that it has something to do with the "next chapter" of the game, and someone coming back.


From out in the real world, CBS has a "win a trip to the finale" sweepstakes, which lists the tentative date for the finale as April 29th.  They say it's subject to change of course, but my bet is they don't mean by a month, so we're looking for some thing to happen to give us a full length season.

grin and bear it


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