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T minus something and counting....

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posted Tuesday, 12 February 2008

We're in the final hours of the BB9 countdown.  The feeds have been running some sort of NASA broadcast, which at least provides better audio than the endless loop of the BB theme.


quad test    cam 1 test


Rumours, of course, abound.  We know the HOH comp. is done, and nominees have been chosen by now.  Whether there's been a POV or not is uncertain.  One rumour is that the first eviction will be tomorrow.  Personally, I've stayed away from all things BB, trying not to form opinions, etc. because how I think I'll feel about based on the CBS publicity shots and promos almost always turns out to be wrong. As always, we'll know when we know.

The real feeds aren't likely to start until after the west coast broadcast, so after 1AM for us east coasters...I'll definitely hang in until they start, at least.  So, I'll be back tomorrow with a review of the show and first impressions. 

And so it begins....


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