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the final countdown

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posted Saturday, 9 February 2008

logo    Maybe it's because it's February, or just because it's only been 4 and a half months since the end of the last BB season, but the anticipation wasn't quite so dramatic for me this time.  Here we are, less than 3 days from the premiere, and I've barely gotten excited.

The signs of impending BB are all here, though.  Real is running some sort of NASA test pattern and audio on the feeds.  The hamsters have been caged and we know their names and a little bit about them.  We have 16 HGs this year, and apparently they are playing in some sort of team scenario.  I'm not sure exactly how it's going to work, but rumour has it that they'll be evicted 2 at a time, at least initially.  By kicking them in pairs we'd only be looking at 6-8 evictions, probably setting us up for a 6 week run for the show.  Since winter BB was a filler for the writer's strike void, that makes sense.  They want options for the length of the show.  Faster pace will probably mean more drama for us.

The Stupid Twist this time is something about soulmates (thus the pairs).  At least one pair of hamsters (Ryan and Jen) are supposedly already dating.  The rest of the pairs may or may not have been matched by the prods.  We'll see how The Twist goes this time.  Many keep hoping for an untwisted BB, but each time The Twist works the chances of that ever happening get slimmer.  At this point I think we should just expect and accept it (though w/the BB theme of "expect the unexpected" maybe that means a straight season sometime) and get over it and stop whining.

But what would BB be without the snarky commentary? 

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