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unrestrained chaos

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posted Thursday, 28 February 2008

One tidbit I forgot to mention yesterday...Matt and Chelsia were in the storage room, she hopped on his back, he spun around and put her on the counter, then they had a quick little make-out moment.  It was very random.  Probably nothing, but with all the paranoia in there, it got me wondering....

piggy back ride    kissykissy

Back to the drama.  All last night, Allison made the rounds telling everyone how horrible Josh was, he's crazy, couldn't have passed the psych screening, she's afraid...but she doesn't care, she's over it.  But for all her not caring, she sure kept bringing it up.  More of her "I'll forgive, but I won't forget...and I don't forgive you."  Huh?  Eventually, even Ryan was over her, and for a time was saying he wouldn't be sharing a bed with her.

alliwhine    ryan's done

And Sharon's face says it all.  How did I end up surrounded by all these wack-jobs?


Allison assaulted Josh's key, and he assaulted her's (I'm not sure who started it, though I think he did). He also "modified" the label on her drinking bowl.  BB put a stop to all that PDQ. 

key assault

And after all the "he threatened my life" Josh came out of the DR saying he wasn't allowed within 5 feet of her.  After making such a point of the "restraining order" last night, by today, she was in his face.  When he commented on that, she said that he had to stay away from her, not the other way around.  Which makes no sense, but whatever.  Later on Josh said that the 5 feet rule was his idea--BB just told him to "give her some space."  He also said that they had replayed the fight footage, and established that he had not threatened to physically assault her.  She countered that they'd replayed the footage for her too, and he had made the threats.  He made the most convincing point to the jury of me: if he had threatened her, he would have been booted.  And another interesting point, BB didn't yell at them not to talk about DR sessions, or flame out the feeds.  By today, she still wanted to rehash, but he said he was exhausted and said he was done yelling, etc.

exhausted    plblblth

The food comp'ed today, with the women in unitards and the men in aprons(?).  It seems like it was a "win types of food for the house" type comp.  So, no one's on slop.   

food comp

Nominations went as planned.  Targets Alli/Ryan against alleged pawns Matty/Nattie.  We've had too many pics of poor Allison lately, so poor Ryan stands alone here.

poor ryan

nattie    matty


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