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let's all sing kumbaya and be best friends

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posted Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Not a bad live show tonight.  Pretty fair overview of what's been going on, and decent questions from Julie. Alex and Amanda both made good "save me" speeches, but it was too late.  It was all about Allison, who had figured out that it was in her best interests to keep Matt around.  Sharon/Josh flipped at the last minute so as to not be the odd-couple out.

alli    matty

A/A's Julie-chat was pretty nice.  Amanda cried and cried, and Alex acknowledged (whether he really believed it or not) that he was a part of what got them kicked.  And then Julie teased us with a promise of "a new phase of the game" and a "surprise for next week's evicted couple."  Are they de-coupling, or bringing someone back?  At the pace we're moving the season will be wrapped in 3 weeks....and that doesn't seem quite right.

so few left

Back in the game, as soon as it was clear that the HOH comp. was going to be all about the quotes, I immediately thought Sharon would run the table.  And she pretty much did.  She's definitely the one who reads the most, and just quietly studies the house.  And the people.  So Josh/Sharon are the new HsOH.  And you know they're going to be unbearable.

josh    sharon

It would seem that just before HOH, Josh went off on Alli.  It's in dispute exactly what was said.  He claims it was something about he was going to make her life miserable, etc.  She's saying he said he was going to slit her throat and kill her.  Josh was taking a page from Evel Dick's playbook--psych out the competition right before a competition.

And it worked.  By right after HOH Allison was in the DR, and came out crying big time.  She's talking about leaving, and about suing.  She made a big point of how threatening someone is illegal.  But, as Josh pointed out, they all signed waivers and were warned that people could say pretty much anything to and about them.  Allison's saying she can't believe he'd say these thing to her, no one sticks up for her, she feels threatened, whaa-whaa-whaa.  After all the trouble she's stirred up, she's really coming off as a whiney little hypocrite.

sad alli

But she's given Josh a total target for the week.  He's told everyone else they're totally safe (with the possible exception of what will have to happen if Alli/Ryan get saved by POV).  That's when the kumbaya comment came in.  That's where we are tonight, but we all know how fast the BB house can change.

happy family

Oh, and after her DR retreat Allison comes back and curls up in the "cursed" bed that was "home" to both of the evicted couples. 

cursed bed

For some reason, the HOH perp walk and room reveal were blocked from the feeds.  Nothing super exciting in the baskets that I could see.  And both Josh and Sharon were mostly just excited about their pictures.

hoh    reverse perp walk

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