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someone's goin' to emergency, someone's goin' to Julie....

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posted Monday, 25 February 2008

So, the show.  For the non-feed viewers it was pretty dramatic.  Even for the feed viewers, having two HGs taken to the hospital was pretty damn dramatic.  The most interesting part to me was that they left the whole yeast infection issue out of the Allison/Shelia argument.  Guess that's how we tell the difference between CBS and Showtime.  And just for the record, those were condoms in the HOH goodie basket.  And they got dental dams....which we will never see on primetime TV.

condoms dd1


The votes aren't 100% locked in, but it still sounds like Matty/Nattie are staying.  They're definitely fun for the drama, and the, well, fun.  But Alex is just so's hard to not be sorry to see him go.

alex smiles

Allison's been working all sides against the middle, and lying left and right, so I don't feel bad about getting this screencap (totally by accident) of her: 


Amanda's got the waterworks turned on...who knows, it might get her somewhere.  Doubtful, but a girl can hope.

cry, baby, cry

It's all about tomorrow, Annie.  Seems it's going to be a live vote.  If A/A really work things, maybe they'll pull out a miracle, but it sounds like M/N are going to be the winners here.  Works out well for Alli/Ryan, but the rest of them are screwed.  Then it's all about who wins HOH.  If Matty/Nattie stay, I'm hoping to see them in HOH.  If it's Shelia/Adam...God help us.  If it's Alli/Ryan...God help us.  And, if it's Joshuah/Sharon....ditto, ditto.  If Alex/Amanda stay....well, lather rinse, repeat.  I guess I'd like to see A/A as HOH. 

And finally, Amanda almost had the best idea since BB7 Alison hiding in the pot; hiding behind the refrigerator in the storage room....well, she had the idea, but she didn't follow through.

hidey hidey2


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