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stripping for votes

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posted Monday, 25 February 2008

They had a wild and crazy night in the BB house for last night's ShowtimeTime.  I was asleep like a good girl and missed the whole thing, but there are plenty of screencaps on other sites.  I'm just as glad I didn't get any b/c I don't want to have to put "adult content" warnings on my site.  ;)

But Matt/Natalie were in the middle of all the fun, and that got a few people thinking.  It looks like the house is now swinging to keep Matty/Nattie and kick Amanda/Alex.  I'm pretty much equally sorry to see either nom'ed couple go this week.  HOH James is rather unconcerned about who goes, but Chelsia still wants M/N gone...but if they stay, I'm sure the first words out of her mouth will be that A/A were her targets all along, and M/N were just pawns.


Josh/Sharon still on the kick Matt/Nat campaign, and Shelia (and presumably Adam, though I haven't seen him all day) are still on the save Matt/Nat campaign.  So, that leaves Ryan/Allison as the crucial vote.  In the last 24 hours they've both revived their hatred of Amanda, and we get our first pinkie swears of BB9.

pinkie swear

Amanda/Alex haven't really done much campaigning, but there's always tomorrow.  I'm sure the DR wants a bit more of a fight.

alex amanda

For funtime, they finally discovered the chess set, and Allison says she's been playing since 5th grade (when she had a whole semester long class on chess).  And Sharon gives Alex a massage.

chess massage time

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