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posted Sunday, 24 February 2008

It's bikini day for the girl hamsters.  It's also raining outside, so they're looking rather out of place in the ski lodge motif inside the BB house.

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Sloppy Seconds

Alex is starting to develop "bitchy anorexic chick" attitude.  It's getting to the point where he's had no food for so long that he's fluctuating between mean and crazy.  He seems like he's about to fall over.  Finally, Amanda gets him to try her slop recipe, with tons of honey, vanilla, and brown sugar.  He declares it "not bad"  ("It's not so bad doc..." ©Chicken George) and gets revived a bit.  Josh still won't try the slop, with the comment "it sent someone to the hospital!" 

dead alex

chef amanda re-animated alex

As usual, not a lot to say about the show.  They definitely focused on the kick Amanda/Alex, Operation Condor plan.  They'll probably keep the edit slant that way, so the TV-only audience will be surprised when it's Matt/Nat who get the boot.  We got the unrequited love storyline just a bit.  They didn't show any of what Matt did to encourage her, nor did they show any of his really blatant rebuffs.

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