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posted Saturday, 23 February 2008

It couldn't have been scripted better.  CBS is running ads for Sunday's show about the Matty/Nattie drama.  She likes him, he's just not that into her.  On the show, they're probably not going to cover the extent of the undercover action, but they'll have to manage to show that they have, as Matt says, hooked up.

matt drama couple

Tonight, they had it out.  The long and short of it was that she thinks he's mean to her, and he thinks she expects too much.  He later on admitted that he has a girlfriend (supposedly they weren't together when casting started, but were by the time BB started).  He said he didn't tell the g/f where he was going and she later refused to sign the release allowing him to use her name, so he figures she's pissed and they're over.  Later on, when Matt ran to Allison to explain that he only "kissed her (Natalie) the first night" and Allison said that the kissing comments had "confused" her...I started to wonder if Alli's not the g/f.  It doesn't really make sense, but would be a great twist.  And we got a commentary from the cam operator.

mattynattieHGshug it out

another hugcommentaryflip

Much of the fight took place in front of all the HGs.  Matt kept saying he was taking his 5 minutes, and then Nat could talk...he went on for waaaay more than 5 minutes, and then when her turn came, he kept telling her the fight was over.  Then they went off to have the private convo.  They ended up saying they were okay, and he's going to try to treat her better.  But the rest of the house seems to agree that they just "self destructed" and that this was the final factor in the kick Matty/Nattie plan.  Too bad.  Kick Shelia/Adam would be my vote.


As a side note, Joshuah/Sharon (and maybe a few others) keep saying they want a "drama free zone" and they're going to kick the couple that causes the most drama each week.  Now, that does not lead to a good show for us. 

sharon joshuah

And this was just too cute.

too cute

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