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paging Dr. Will?

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posted Thursday, 21 February 2008

Good God, BB9 is taking the drama to a new level.

Just when I thought it couldn't get more dramatic, real life hits like nobody's business.

It seems that 2 HGs were taken to the hospital tonight.  Allison had an allergic reaction to a peanut, and Amanda passed out from hypoglycemic shock due to being on slop.  The really pathetic thing is that for several minutes before passing out, Amanda was talking about needing sugar.  She had been to the DR, and they had told her not to eat (maybe)...turns out they were a bit busy with Allison, but meanwhile, Amanda faints, throws Natalie for a loop; Alex runs for the DR and Josh hits the "panic button."  As it's all going on Chelseia comments "she's just being dramatic." 

down    and out    getting help

As of about 10 PM BBT, Amanda is back.  She was at the hospital with Allison, but didn't talk to her.  BB says they'll both be back tonight, and sent them flowers.  The hamsters made the nailpolish welcome home sign.

    bandaid    flowers    welcome home

And now Natalie has a migraine or something. As of about 10:20, Allison's back too.  They're both okay, and they both have stories to tell.  What's particularly amazing is that they both had problems right at the the same time.  It seems the reason they wouldn't let Amanda into the DR was that Allison was already in there.  But now that everyone is back and alive, they're all saying how great the CBS medical staff was.

nattie    alli's back    sick girls

Back in the game, before the POV comp. Alex brought out his Twin Towers cross, in honor of his dad.  He told his 9/11 story, and the house was decent about it.  Joshuah/Sharon won the POV.  Matty presented J/S with a very reasonable reason for saving both Matty/Nattie and Alex/Amanda.  It still sounds like the rest of them want M/N out, but they might take A/A off the block.  We'll see.

cross    alex


Shelia went insane again.  She went Jersey on Allison for telling everyone about her yeast infection (we all got to her TMI about Shelia's feminine situation).  Everyone was yelling at everyone, and no one knew what was real and what was staged.  And it all got upstaged by the later events.  But for the record, Allison lied.  She kept telling Shelia that she didn't make a big deal about Shelia being an actress and faking her dramatics (she soooo did).

alli    she  

So now everyone is trying to be the best of friends, put the game aside and be real.  The game will be back before we know it, I'm sure.

hug    hands


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