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just another day in the big brother house

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posted Wednesday, 20 February 2008

James and Chelsia enjoyed their HOH goodies, esp. the alcohol last night....and each other.  And, they confirmed that there was a box of condoms in one of the baskets.  (Confirmed by saying so, not by using them....just so as to not start any rumours.)  Chelsia ended up passed out on the HOH bed, and James ended up passed out on the massage table.

cuddle bunnies passed out

George and Skippy got some camera time this morning while the hamsters were sleeping.  They're still as much fun to watch as the rest of the HGs.

george and skippy

Today was food comp. and nom day.  I'm not entirely sure who's on slop.  Amanda/Alex, Shelia/Adam I think....not sure who else.  Noms are no question....Alex/Amanda and Nattie/Matty.  They're stressing a bit.  They're trying not to flip out until after POV, but everyone knows that A/A are the target.  If they manage to get POV, Matt and Natalie are probably done for.  Unless Sheila really flips out and the house turns on Sheila/Adam.


Jen/Parker are gone, but not forgotten.  Allison is still super-bitter and seems to take every opportunity to talk about how little she likes Jen.  Some of it is pretty mean, and a little uncalled for.  Ryan's just low-key as ever.

ryan allison

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