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an outing and an inning

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posted Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Jen/Parker had barely been kicked, and Chelsia and James were barely the new HsOH, when Allison and Shelia (well, mostly Allison) were running around telling everyone that they are not in fact a couple.  They had done such a convincing job of playing the part, that there are still those who think that the new story is the lie.  All part of the BB paranoia.  Joshuah was confused (who can blame him?) and kept trying to understand why they'd make up such a story.  The version of the reason that finally got settled on is that after the Ryan/Jen debacle, Alli was ready to DOR.  Josh was mad at her for keeping a secret (since she wouldn't spill on Jen/Ryan) and Shelia was the only one who would talk to her.  After a few glasses of wine, they decided to twist their own twist.  They figured Josh and Chelsia wold tell everyone else and start something....but they didn't. (They did each tell their partners, but whatever happened it didn't stir up much.)

say what?  huh



Oh, right.  But first, there was a show.  We got the coverage of the Amanda/Chelsia/Joshuah/noose fight.  We got some paranoia planting from Julie asking who thought there were more couples....we got some sappy moments with the HsOH interview and bringing up dear departed dads...then we got an HOH comp. of majority rules, w/rewards and punishments.  So, they have no hot water for 72 hours, the women have to wear bathing suits for 24 hours, they have no drinking glasses for a week, no washing machine for 2 weeks, and they get a margarita party (w/no glasses, Julie gleefully pointed out several times).  They've already solved the glasses problem, they're all drinking from bowls, and saving empty drink containers. 

Amanda/Alex, not to mention everyone else, are convinced they're about to be nom'ed.  This seems to have slightly quelled Amanda's need to stir the pot, or maybe it's just that she's looking calm next to Shelia, who has gone insane.  She's been drama-queening all over the place, and even Allison is saying she's too much.  There was some drama around the vote.  Then for no obvious reason, Adam and Shelia are suddenly screaming at each other in the bathroom.  Somehow, whatever she's ticked off about also has her ticked at Alex.  She screams, and stomps, and goes off to her room to rant to whomever will listen (i.e. Allison).  Amanda pops in and reminds them that the girls are supposed to cook for the guys, and she just doesn't want anyone to get in trouble.  Allison wants to go cook, but Shelia says she just needs to calm down.  Even though she tells Alli to go do what she needs to do, she's throws in enough guilt ("I was there for you when you were having a rough time") that no way Alli can leave.  Alex comes in and tries to figure out how he got in the middle of things (apparently he misunderstood something Shelia said), and also explains to her that Adam wasn't talking about her (apparently Shelia heard Adam use the word 'bitch' and figured he was talking about her...hmmm....).

crazy eyed shelia

fight  girl power


But it's all good because we get our first HOH perp walk of the season.  Chelsia and James are thrilled with their party favors.  There's yogurt, beer, cereal, marshmallow peeps, and I swear I saw a box of condoms....which this group probably needs.

perp walk  perp walk2 HOH room

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