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posted Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The show tonight highlighted Big Brother at its one trusts anyone.  And they shouldn't. 

So, Sheila and Allison have their fictitious relationship, which they've "confessed" to a select few.  That confession then gets James parannoying to the point where he draws conclusions based on George and Skippy's cage accoutrements.  The mere suggestion that Alex "look around" gets him thinking that Parker and Amanda must have a prior relationship.  And that leads right into the infamous "let's [not] get physical" convo.

ali    she

james  dancing boy

And speaking of paranoia and conspiracy theories: what the heck happened to Neil?  We got no explanation, just a drive-by bye-bye.  And wasn't it convenient that a couple had already been kicked, and was waiting on deck?

The drama seems to have evened out in the house a bit.  Amanda had a long chat with Josh this afternoon and he apologized for his comments.  She was trying to convince him that keeping Jen/Parker was his best move.  Otherwise there seems to have been little campaigning.  It seems almost a sure thing that Jen/Parker are going, but it's not clear if they know that.  Allison knows she's likely staying, but I don't think she's clued Ryan in, knowing he'd go straight to Jen.

parker  jen ryan allison

Tonight they sat down to a one-big-happy-family dinner.  They went around the table saying "nice things" about the 2 nom'ed couples.  It was all very touchy-feely, and  felt a little like drama class.  Sheila did a particularly impressive turn as the about to be abandoned secret-lover.  Lots of tears, and a few laughs.  It was pretty cute.  There were a few jabs thrown in because, after all, this is Big Brother.


happy    shiney 


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