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posted Monday, 18 February 2008

Remember when BB used to say to them: "Housguests, the bedroom lights must remain on during the day?"  Well, apparently that rule is out the window this year.  Monday afternoon, knowing that one of them is leaving in a couple days, Jen and Ryan had a little bonding session.

afternoon delight

A lot of the drama in the house has centered around Amanda.  She puts herself in the middle of much of it.  She's been going around for a few days telling anyone who will listen, and a few who won't listen, a story about Alex "bad touching" her in bed and then, after she told him no, he tells her "if [they] can't be be physical with each other, [they] shouldn't be physical with anyone else."  And he tells her what not to wear (specifically the little bootie shorts, as seen during that HOH comp.). The dialog has been documented, but no one can confirm or deny the assault. 


Then something set off a huge fight the other night.  Something came up about Amanda having lied (apparently honesty is big with these people-ha!).  The yelling culminated with Chelsia telling Amanda that she "should just go hang" herself.  And then Josh tacks on "like your dad."  Wow.  That really was in poor taste.  [Though, under the heading of things that that make you go hmmmm..... this was after the show aired w/Amanda telling the story about her dad.  Kind of convenient for show drama.]

It's been a busy first week.  We've already had a DR strike (Parker), trying to figure out how long the season is going to be (will they split, or be couples to the end?), talk of how this is going to be the highest rated season yet, and talk of how they could become famous.  But the comment that impressed me most was when one of them actually realized that it's stupid that they get dressed up only for liveshows and comps.  They're on camera all the time.

 all the time    alila

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