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twist and shout

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posted Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sorry, I've been MIA....the problem with Winter BB is that now BB season is also cold/flu season...and I seem to have caught some sort of killer death flu.  I've been keeping tabs on the feeds as much as I can, but I've missed a lot.  Anyway, here's a quick sum up of what I have seen.

Last Wednesday's show:  I didn't entirely understand the kick Jacob/Sharon motive.  I gathered from the chatter on the feeds that it was because of "a lie" but I had thought the lie was that they knew each other.  I guess the real problem was Jacob talking crap behind Parker's back (and to his partner, no less).  Yeah, pretty dumb move.  It's really hard to judge what went on since we saw none of it on the feeds.  And then the most bizarre line of the show was the closing comment about "Allison's jealousy."  Other than the DR comment about how Ryan would be better off with someone like her, there really wasn't much indication of jealousy either on the feeds or the show.  I guess they're trying to build up a love-triangle-angle.

On the feeds, the weirdest thing that has happened is the sudden hamster exchange of Neil for Sharon.  Something happened, we still have no clue what, and Neil went poof.  Apparently Joshuah had a choice between the two dearly departed, and chose, not shockingly, Sharon, as his new partner.  This was bad news for Jen and Parker.

boys    she's back

Gamewise, here's where we are: Amanda/Alex nom'ed Parker/Jen and Allison/Ryan.  Nat/Matt won the veto, and didn't use it.  Jen seems super confident that she's staying, but in fact, pretty much the whole house hates her and wants her gone.  There's a little showmancing going on between Amanda and Parker, and so Amanda really wants them to stay.  Seems like everyone is telling her what she wants to hear, but the secret plan of James/Chelsia, Adam/Sheila, and Sharon/Josh is to kick Jen/Parker.

jen and ryan    amanda and parker

In other news, this season is turning out to be the soft-porn season on the feeds.  I think we've already had more sex and nudity in the first week than we usually get all season.  Putting in an already-coupled couple, making it a love-themed season, and having at least one ex-stripper all helped.  This isn't what I watch BB for, but it's clearly what the producers want, esp. for Showtime-time.  And, hey, if it keeps the ratings up and creates more drama in the house then it's all good.

show    time

Tonight's show was mainly interesting b/c most of the footage was pre-feed.  I'd heard Sheila and Allison talking about being a couple on the feeds, so it was interesting to get the bit that they made that up.  (Or so they say.....)  And seeing how the Jen/Ryan thing really came out was interesting.  It really did make Jen look pretty bad.

In yet another non-twist, I'm listening right now to a convo between Josh and Sharon all about how staged BB is.  Josh says "I hate it when they [the DR] tell me exactly what to say b/c I can't remember it."  Sharon says "yeah, most of the things I've said in there, I never thought."  Flame-boy is a little slow on the button, so we got more of the conversation than they probably would have liked.  I don't know why they bother.  If it weren't at least somewhat staged, why would we get the same shots year after year.  We get's not's reality TV.  And we're still here.


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