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we're not supposed to talk to the camera

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posted Tuesday, 12 February 2008

In case there was any doubt, they're very conscious that they're on the air.  And it's all drama for the first night of the feeds.  We come in to an HOH conference in full swing.  It took me quite a while to sort it all out, but I think this is what's going on:

Jen & Parker kicked Sharon & Jacob in the first eviction.

Alex & Amanda are the current HOH/PC.

Jen told Parker Ryan is her b/f, and at this point everyone knows.

There's a move to nom Ryan/Allison and Jen is fighting against it.  There's a bitter argument btwn Parker/Jen about what they would do if they won POV.  From what I can gather if a couple holds POV and can't agree on what to do with it, they get put on the block (whether it's then 3 noms, or if the HOH picks one to come down the HGs can't agree--and this is all them, nothing official from BB).

Parker is all bitter at Jen and is doing a Dr. Will-I-want-to-go-home routine.  A little twist in that he's saying he doesn't want to go home, but he is willing to in order to get Jen kicked.

And the paranoying has already started.  Every conversation that some couple isn't a part of is enough to convince them that they're going home.

It is, of course, all way premature.  In the next few days they have a food comp., nominations, POV, and possible use of POV+repl-nom. 

There are so many "alliances" being batted about I won't even begin to try to sort them all out.  If I had to pick my personal early favorite player, I'd go with Amanda.  She seems the most level-headed, respectful, smart, etc. so far.

At 10:17 PM BBT we get our first feed blockage.  It's not George and Skippy (darn)...we're back to flames, this year in a fireplace.  BTW, the HGs named the guinea pigs Sharon and Jacob.  I'm sticking with George and Skippy.



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