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what's the truth?

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posted Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The conversation went something like this:

Michelle: Ollie's been going around telling everyone that you said April was going home. So Jerry thinks he's safe.
Renny: I didn't say that.
[Michelle leaves]
Keesha: Did you tell him that?
Renny: Tell who, what?
Keesha: Did you tell Ollie that April was going home?
Renny: No, I didn't tell him that. I told him the truth.
Keesha: What's the truth?
delusional keesha 2

That really is an excellent question in this house. Is the truth objective, or is it a matter of your own perspective? Personally, I think they're all delusional. And they wouldn't recognize the truth if it came up and introduced itself. Or at the very least, they'd accuse it of being The Twist.

Michelle's delusions are the vastest in the house. She is still telling everyone that Jerry is too confident he's staying; he must have a deal with someone and everyone. At the same time she's trying to sell him as the attempted briber. In the middle of spinning these two stories someone poses the very excellent question: if Jerry's so sure he's safe, why would he offer a bribe? Answer: he didn't. Michelle stumbles a bit on that one and finally says she doesn't know, but April claims it wasn't her.

delusional michelle

Aprollie's delusions continue to center on how great they are, and how much we must all love them. April seems pretty resigned to leaving, though, if we're lucky we'll get some last minute campaigning tomorrow.

delusional apr- delusional ollie

Renny's delusions are that anyone is buying that she didn't make a deal with Ollie. And that she still has some sort of power. She's still talking about who they have to get out if she's going to get to decide that.

delusional renny

Keesha's delusions surround the idea that she can both have an alliance with everyone and trash the very same people behind their backs. When she's with Renny she doesn't trust Memphis/Dan/Michelle. When she's with Memphis she doesn't trust Renny/Dan/Michelle. When she's with Dan she doesn't trust Renny/Michelle.

delusional keesha

Dan's delusions...oh, poor Dan. Just like Renny, the power went a little bit to his head. With the veto he seemed to think he had more control than he did, and got just a little to cocky. But in the end, he probably did himself more good than harm. His veto speech about how tempted he was by the $5K should cast off some of the AP suspicions. And by sticking to his word again, he hopefully gained, or at least kept, the trust of the people he needs.

delusional dan

Jerry's delusions are a little too real. I think the slop is getting to him. He's been giving hourly updates on his weight loss to whomever happens to be it another HG or a dying praying mantis. He continues to (seemingly) unknowingly c*ckblock Aprollie. People leave the room every time he starts talking. Keesha and Dan the most willing to listen to him, but even they think he's wearing thin. And on the show tonight, listening to him talk to himself, all I could think was....he must be America's Player! No, seriously. He's losing it, I'm just not sure why.

delusional jerry

And Memphis' delusions? Well, he seems to be the least delusional. He's got an alliance with almost everyone, yet he's managing to keep them all away from each other. At the end of the day, his delusion may be the idea that he can get through the whole game without someone noticing how pretty he's sitting.

delusional memphis

The best part of the "what's the truth?" convo was that though Renny was lying, so was Michelle. So what is the truth? Well, it's Big Brother...we'll know when we know....oh, and they seem to have received alcohol tonight....


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