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I'd do that for a dollar...

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posted Monday, 18 August 2008

...but not for five thousand. Dan took the $20K to be the Tool, but he wouldn't take $4K from Jerry or $5K from April to be their personal tool. One wonders if he would have used the veto for cash if he could have done it without the rest of the house knowing.


As promised, he listened to all the offers, and even though he made Memphis and Keesha very nervous last night talking about it, he didn't use the veto. Now that nothing happened, the drama is all about who offered what. I heard an offer from April, but not from Jerry. Michelle ran around trying to convince everyone that Jerry tried the bribe, but April didn't.

keesha memphis

Anyway, the veto wasn't used, and it's becoming increasingly obvious to Memphis/Keesha/Renny/Dan that Michelle wants to keep April. Whether Michelle really wants to keep April, or if she's working Aprollie for jury votes is not clear to me. And Renny's gameplan is really not clear to me. She seemed to be in good with everyone, but during her reign as HOH she's done everything she can to push away the person who was most loyal to her (Keesha) before her coronation. Perhaps it's Renny's way of making sure no one thinks they're too strong an alliance...but it doesn't seem that thought out.

michelle renny

As of right now it's pretty peaceful around the house. The big drama this afternoon was about Dan examining a praying mantis he found on the pool deck. He trapped it in a plastic container, became fascinated with it's movements, and then took it off to the shade when he got called to the DR. Jerry declared that it was nearly dead, and tried to revive it with pool water. I didn't hear of it's ultimate fate.

teacher dan the bug

Aprollie are still spending most of their time laying around together and talking about what a great couple they are and how everyone must love them. CBS is playing up this angle too. Will the showmance be torn apart? Of course, until the last show most of the TVOVs probably couldn't have picked Ollie out of a line-up. A lot of feeders could have a similar problem. This is why the best thing for us would have been for Ollie to G-O, go, this week. But many of them are already talking about taking him to the end. It's true that just about anyone could beat him. (Just about? Who am I kidding? Anyone.) But can you imagine a F2 of Ollie and, well, anyone?

april ollie

Line of the Day

Michelle/Renny/Keesha are talking about Jerry's annoying habits (not washing hands, leaving dirty dishes for others to wash, spraying RAID everywhere....etc.)
Memphis: Imagine living with him....wait, we are living with him.
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